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    Port Aventura / La Liga Theme Park

    I’d rather they actually focus on the parks they have already, rather than adding another park that nobody asked for...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I had a fantastic visit to Pleasure Beach yesterday, the atmosphere was just as wonderful as ever, the staff were all so friendly and seemed excited that the season is back in full swing, everything felt very well managed and at no point did I feel stressed or worried. The entrance procedure was...
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    Tayto Park News/Discussion

    The two new roller coasters have finally been given approval! Constitution will start in 2021, with them opening in 2023! Finally the news we’ve all been hoping for!
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    WTF Merlin?

    Does Leek Signs do the signs for Chessington though? I’ve only ever seen them do stuff for Towers when it comes to theme park signs.
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    Flamingo Land | Unknown | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2021

    Really? I see the opposite happening... The whole point in a new attraction is to bring in more people and increase a parks attendance, whilst the capacity is limited it would be pointless trying to push to get this open for this season as they wouldn’t get the proper benefit of opening a new...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    This isn’t the woman’s fault her mask came down, the same happened in the last report when that man was riding Icon too. The issue is the actual mask, both of them are wearing the premium Icon mask you can buy from Pleasure Beach, the issue is is mask is way too big, it doesn’t sit on your face...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Annual pass holders have separate allocated tickets that haven’t been released yet. Alton Towers is sold out for general tickets for the 4th, but annual pass holders still have a chance getting tickets for this date when they are released.
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    After trying all day yesterday, I finally managed to get a ticket for Chester Zoo’s reopening day, this coming Monday. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new changes that the zoo has implemented and whether indoor enclosures will be open too... (I think they should be, if shops can open...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Off topic, but does anyone know anything about the parks Intamin Zac Spin, Wuzeball? Has anyone here seen it or ridden it? It’s one of the Phantasialand rumours that has always interested and confused me.
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Double post sorry but the Merlin park websites are now saying this;
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I’ve donated £20 to Chester Zoo and will be doing the same for the London Zoo when I next get paid, I think it’s horrendous that our beaches and public parks are packed, we can start shopping for clothes soon, yet zoo’s, a place that depends on visitors to be able to care for its animals still...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Too add onto the new government guidelines today about Zoo’s not being allowed to open, despite non-essential shops reopening in two weeks, safari parks are also now not allowed to reopen either, despite you not coming into contact with anyone due to being in your own vehicle. I’ve got to say...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    So the pop up theme park is a fair then? [emoji28]
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    Visionland Changde | China | Theme Park

    This parks just looks incredibly copy and paste, I can’t see anything wow or unique about it, it’s just a bit meh? These constant new similar parks popping up in China just really don’t do it for me...