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    Thirteen's first drop

    I rode it a couple of times on Saturday and I didn't notice the trims on the first drop at all, can't say I ever have, sitting on the back row, you don't touch your seat all the way down, so I don't think they ruin the drop in anyway. The other trims are noticable, but you still get pops of...
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    Lightwater Valley, New rides in 2011 (see page 7)

    I think it's unfair to label this ride as a "quick fix" or Lightwater as not knowing what they are doing. Firstly the park has very limited funds when compared to the other parks in the country, so a new ride is a big risk for them, hence the rental attractions in the past few years. As...
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    Alton Towers Latest Rumours/confirmations

    I'd love to believe that the woodie is coming and it certainly does look promising with JW's involvment and the announcement that Alton made through the RCCGB, but I can't help but think it just won't happen. A Eurofighter is very believable with JW already working on Thorpe's so they could've...
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    Last 5 Coasters?

    Knightmare Whirlwind Junior Dragon Coaster Dragon Flyer Catepillar Capers Some shameless credit whoring there, but if you don't want to count both the dragon coasters as they are powered then it would be G-Force and Shockwave as well.
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    England's best flat/thrill ride

    Out of the ones I've ridden, Rush is my favourite. It gives a great feeling of openess and if you get it on a long cycle you get tonnes of airtime. Having said this if Apocalypse is anything like Hurakan Condor, then that would definately be my favourite, especially with standing floorless.
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    Dragon Khan vs. Incredible Hulk

    Hulk is a fantastic ride and the launch into the zero-g really makes it unique, but as it has been said many a time before, the second half just doesn't keep up the great start. Kahn on the other hand doesn't let up until you hit the brake run, and is jam packed full of elements. It may not...
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    Colossus or Nemesis Inferno?

    It's Inferno for me, it's an alround great ride, nice and smooth and has some great elements to it. Colossus is riduculous, mainly because of the cars, in my eyes if you have to crawl to get into the seats, there's something wrong, they're far too cramped it's worse than sitting on a plane. I...
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    Rita vs. Stealth

    Rita does it for me. Stealth is an okay ride, but it really isn't anything fantastic. Rita's layout is original, and Stealth's isn't end of, the only way Stealth could've been better than Rita in my eyes is if they had stuck with the original plans and made it an X-cellerator clone, but of...
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    Oblivion - Front or Back Row?

    Front is the best purely because you can see more when your hanging at the drop, but the back row isn't bad.