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    A Gerstlauer Infinity to be opened at one of the following Cedar Fair parks

    What do you mean? A trash can is a worthwhile investment which usually isn't rough round the edges...
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    Eurodemption #2 - Part 4: Ange L'Île aux Futuroscope

    Glad you managed to find Apiland on this visit! ;) Cute (not-so-)little dark ride! Also enjoying the little bit of Soquet love <3 I wasn't totally sure if it was the language barrier or what, but I also found a fair few staff at Jardin a little on the cagey side to deal with when I was there...
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    *sheepishly raises hand* I've had 2 rides on Nash and would not describe it as rough... Admittedly both of those rides were back row, which I guess could have something to do with it what with wheel configurations and whatnot. Were those rides which showcased its age? Yes. Were those rides...
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    2021 Golden Ticket Awards

    A water ride that hasn't operated since 2019 is the best water ride of 2021. Just let that sink in. Either that means every other water ride in the world is that bad that they're all better off closed, or that the Golden Ticket Awards are farcical. And in a world where something like Chiapas...
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    Thorpe Park 7th September 2021

    Nice report! The busyness sounds about right; the best time to tick off loads of rides at Thorpe is in the morning (if you're smart with the park), which is exactly what you were able to do. To answer a couple of the points raised here (or in the YAY Merlin thread): -Rush running 1 swing could...
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    How do you like steak cooked?

    Depends where I'm eating it. If I'm cooking steak myself, I admittedly go for some of the cheaper cuts. I aim for medium-rare, but don't mind if I accidentally go over and it comes medium. If I'm ordering a steak at a cheaper restaurant, I usually ask for it medium-rare, because in my...
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    Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021

    It'd be interesting to watch POVs of this and Taron side by side to really get a feel for just how different it is.* From those POVs it's hard to tell whether it is much slower than Taron, or if it's just Klugheim's built up nature that adds that extra layer and oompf to the experience. *I...
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    Theme park soundtracks that get stuck in your head

    I know the one you're talking about, and that comes in and out of from time to time. But whenever I think of Energylandia music, _this_ is what I think of: The bit at 1.40 just screams Energylandia to me...quite literally!
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    Too tall to ride?

    I used to work on a ride which had a max height restriction. Of course, in theory you're meant to be just a vigilant searching for someone who might be "over height" as you are when searching for someone who might be under height. Under height people, and those just above the minimum height...
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    Wickness Towers - A Desperate UK Cred Trip

    And let's move onto the final day of this desperate road trip... Alton Towers I usually make at least one visit a year to Towers, and I've done a trip report on here in the past. So I'll keep this brief and restrict to some newer stuff... Dark Forest was the first port of call. Though neither...
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    Wickness Towers - A Desperate UK Cred Trip

    So I didn't quite plan to wait almost 3 weeks between entries, but between various pieces of technology dying on me, uni work piling up and work being hectic, this slipped down the priority list. I do hope no one ha chewed their fingernails off waiting in anticipation for my views on Skegness...
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    The Smiler vs Colossus; which of the UK’s inversion record breakers do you prefer?

    Despite numerous visits to both parks over the last few years, I haven't ridden either if them since around 2017. Neither are enjoyable rides for me. Colossus' restraints and roughness in the first half makes it unappealing. Smiler is very headbanging for me, and the layout from a ride...
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    SFMM | Unknown | RMC Raptor | 2022?

    This was the perfect opportunity to post a "Where's the cranedude?" type joke, and it's been missed. Though reading it back, it's not that funny, so maybe good call.
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    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    Ahhh bugger, was just going to prebook my passholder tickets for Chessington and Thorpe, and have just realised that the Halloween weekend is an exclusion date on my Annual Pass. So may have to give those dates a miss. :( Will try and see if I can fit Tulleys in though!
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    Auschwitz and Energylandia?

    I've done that sort of trip. The set up was: Saturday: Fly into Katowice in evening Sunday: Legendary Monday morning: Auschwitz Monday afternoon: Time in Krakow Tuesday: Energylandia and fly home The idea sounded good on paper and to be honest worked fine. Obviously doing the parks on...