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    How many theme parks have you visited since parks reopened?

    14 parks since the end of June is pretty good! Which parks did you go to last summer @sarahsmile ?
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    Baga-waerde (Bagatelle, Dennlys and Bellewaerde)

    This was such a fab trip! It was my first time on Eurotunnel and driving my own car on the other side of the road, and I was a little apprehensive about it but actually it was so easy! Eurotunnel check in was simple with no security faff then it’s straight onto the motorway on the other side...
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    What UK Parks are "Worth It?"

    Most/all parks are accessible by public transport but some are much easier by car, and if your renting a car anyway you might as well pick it up at the airport and keep it the whole time. You’re flying from the US so you’re flight will probably arrive early morning, to London as it has the...
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    LoG 2020: August Submissions

    Date = 8th August Park = Oakwood Theme Park Roller Coasters Megafobia x2 (new cred, x1 back) Speed x1 (new cred) Treetops x1 (new cred) Creepy Crawler x1 (x1 back) Crocodile Coaster x1 (x1 back, new cred) Water/Dark/Flat Rides Spooky 3D x1 Flying School Tinker x1 Skull Rock x1 Waterfall x1...
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    1. Walibi Belgium Intamin Mega 2. Fly 3. Velocicoaster 4. Hakuegi 5. Karnan 6. Lightning Rod 7. Expedition G-Force 8. Iron Gwazi 9. Voyage 10. Phoenix
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    Where is the dry water ride category headed in the near future?

    I don’t know the technicalities at all, but does that mean that people would potentially be trapped if the boat were to sink? With the water coasters it’s a rail over the water rather than floating so there is much risk of it going under and the park being sued due to riders actions.
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    Where is the dry water ride category headed in the near future?

    I think it’s a safety issue with the traditional style log flumes etc. The splashdown style are higher thrill but also far lower risk of stupid people standing up and falling out. But they offer the thrill of the ride without the misery of being soaked for the rest of the day. They’re great!
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    What order for the European parks?

    It’s a bit of a balancing act between all the factors. Id usually take the rolling approach to whittle down the choices: 1. with which parks/ rides excite you most, whether it’s new investments, old favourites, volume or creds or ones I just haven’t got to yet. What is it that interests...
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    How many time zones have you ridden coasters in?

    Interesting thread! UTC -8 UTC -6 UTC -5 UTC UTC +1 UTC +4 UTC+8 Spited out of UTC -7 and UTC +2 creds this year.
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    LoG 2020: Results!

    Congrats to everyone who got points in Q2! Nice to see that it wasn’t a complete write off and things are picking up again. I’ll be doubling up on my goon efforts to make up for lost time and maybe even catch @HeartlineCoaster !
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    CoasterForce's favourite UK roller coasters

    1. Nemesis 2. Stealth 3. Wicker man 4. Nemesis Inferno 5. Swarm 6. Oblivion 7. Big One 8. Thirteen 9. Dragon 10. Smiler After 4 that was surprisingly difficult!
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    LoG 2020: July Submissions

    Date = 24th July 2020 Park = Legoland Windsor Roller Coasters Duplo Dino Coaster x1 (x1 front row, new cred, new for 2020) Dragon x1 Water/Dark/Flat Rides N/a Other Attractions Miniland x1 ————————————————— Date = 24th July 2020 Park = Thorpe Park Roller Coasters Stealth x3 (x1 back row)...
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    Next European Park to get a B&M

    I can see Energylandia adding a giga at some point. Their recent additions have been large and good quality so B&M would further support that direction. They have the space and Vekoma don’t have an equivalent model so should the harm the relationship. A hyper would be great for Thorpe, but...
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    LoG 2020: July Submissions

    Date = 11th July 2020 Park = Bagatelle Roller Coasters Famous Jack x1 (New cred) Gaz Express x1 Spirale des dunes x1 Triops x1 (new cred) Water/Dark/Flat Rides Le Bag Pearl x1 ————————————————— Date = 11th July 2020 Park = Dennlys Parc Roller Coasters Nitro x1 (New cred) Furio x1 (new cred)...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    It’s like Glenwood Caverns on steroids! Love the concept, suspect the reality would be terrifying!