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Your Wacky Worm Count.


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If you thought the Boomerang/SLC list topic was shameful enough, let's see who's brave enough to post in this thread of utter shame.
For clarity, let's keep it specifically to Wacky Worms. If we include Go-gators, ovals and all other manner of kiddy crap we'll be here all day. You know the kind I mean - often referred to as Big Apples, Mini Apples or Crazy Caterpillars. The ones with the stupid, smiley face on the front, often seen being ridden solo by sad, 30-something blokes with no shame.

These kind:



Spreadsheets at the ready then, let's see those filthy lists. 😁

I don't need a spreadsheet for mine cos I've only ever ridden 2:

1. The one at Worlds of Fun with @DelPiero.
2. The one at Brean Leisure Park with @witchfinder and @NeoXIII

3?? Question mark over the one that used to be at Alton Towers. I thought I'd ridden all of Alton's creds, and that the 'Mini Apple' was replaced by the Beastie, but I've since learned that it was actually up by Corkscrew somewhere, in which case I don't recall ever even seeing it.
Sooo, dunno. Definitely 2, but possibly 3.

Right, your turn...
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Chris Coasters

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I've been on 8. 6 Worms 1 Dog and 1 Mouse

3 Traveling
TL3 Coaster - Adventurers
Centi-Speed - Alabama Adventure
Max's Doggy Dog Coaster - Fantasy Island
Wacky Worm - Gillians Pier
Wacky Mouse - Yorks Wild Kingdom


I did the mini-apple at Alton back in the day.

A cred’s a cred is like ‘any hole’s a goal’ - but less understandable.


You should all be very ashamed.
Could we add a continent count to add the air miles carbon shaming as well?
So pleased I don't count coasters!


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19 apparently, including a few with different style trains and some with apples wahey! 7 of which were done this year!


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A quick look on Coaster count suggests 27, I’m quite surprised it’s not more!
Where do find I such info on coaster-count? Is it under “My rides statistics”? (Which C-C shows as “currently not available” for me.)


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Some fun facts for y'all:
Of the 4712 coasters listed on RCDB, a staggering 688 of them are Wacky Worms, or some variant thereof. That's approximately 14.6% of the world's coasters.
How accurate those figures are is up for debate - for example I don't know whether that includes relocations, defunct ones, scrapped ones etc..
Fairly sure it doesn't include travelling ones though so there must be a few hundred more on the fair circuits, right?
Either way, that makes them by far the most common coaster type on Earth.

They're made by a number of different manufacturers - Fabbri, Pinfari, SBF Visa, DAL Rides, D.B.V Rides, Sameco, Fajume, Levent Lunapark and more.
Who made the first one I wonder? And when?
Well, based on a quick shufty through RCDB's data, the earliest recorded date of one operating seems to be... wait for it... the Mini Apple at Alton Towers!
I mean, I know Alton Towers like to be there with their 'world's first' coasters, but could it really be the place where we saw the world's first wacky worm?
I suspect that's more down to incomplete data more than anything, they must have been around before 1982, surely?
Anyway, the Alton one was a Pinfari, so maybe they were the first company to knock one up?

There you go, a little project for one of our researchers: first wacky worm. When, where, who?
<cough> Poke' <cough>. ;)


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The first Wacky Worm seems to date back to 1977, with Masken at Parken Zoo in Sweden...and it's still operating!

Pinfari called it a Big Apple, but yeah, same thing. Surprisingly they've only only sold 23 of that model.

Matt N

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Remember that RCDB does exclude travelling roller coasters, so there are likely many more Wacky Worms that lurk out there somewhere...


14, not including the inverted one. And for the record I don't add to my carbon footprint, will hit them up if already there. It's more efficient really, would be a sin to sea levels if I didn't ride them. Like taking a shark out of the water for just its fin.

As shameful credits go, these are actually ok. I like the assorted tacky themeing (if you are really lucky there's an apple tunnel), and you get a nice drop with a bit of speed for what it is. Except the one Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, that was slow as balls and wayyy to many laps.
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There you go, a little project for one of our researchers: first wacky worm. When, where, who?
Don't need research if you've done it.
The original and king of worms.

Foolishly I don't take my spreadsheet on holiday, so you can have a quantity next week.


Does anyone rank their Wacky Worms? My favourite is the one at Southport, it dooms the same as all the others in the RCDB photos, but I swear it’s bigger! Had some decent airtime on the drop!

Where do find I such info on coaster-count? Is it under “My rides statistics”? (Which C-C shows as “currently not available” for me.)
The classification breakdown wasn’t as detailed as I hoped, but I went into classification breakdown, filtered for steel /sit down and then went down the list and counted manually, so I may have missed some with the more creative names.


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