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Xpress' coaster vault thread


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Have so many little (figuratively speaking) rides I've put together here and there that I figured I'd make my own topic about them.

Firstly, something I made today:

A Morgan Hypercoaster thing. Sofar 5800+ feet of track and only to the MCBR. Wanted to make something like SD2K but with a bit more me, a bit more excitement, a bit more height, and a bit more length. Supporting this thing will be a massive bitch so I have no desire to progress forward with this one in a timely manner.

Speaking of supporting in a timely manner...

This would be Hammerhead, an Intamin woodie I began putting together in 2009 ish sometime. Every single support beam is placed by hand, and I am nowhere near being finished. I may actually just go back through and re-make the support structure whenever I feel like it because it is not turning out how I would like it to. That would mean thousands of countless hours of hand numbing support work. Obviously a release date isn't even feasible at this time.

Rolling on into the next one,

One of my quirkier rides. A Pax Wild Train type.. thing.. Complete with insane airtime, absurdly tight helices, and a generally uncomfortable experience. You've never had it this good ;) I may finish this one sometime soon, then again, I might not, depends on how I feel about it in the future.


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And just to think I still have to tear it all down and re-do it :?


This one I made for the 2nd CF competition, 2013 series, but swapped it with Inverted Mayhem instead. Didn't like the flow and the size of it.


Made this one back when I was still figuring out how to use Newton2 and its timezone functions, so the shaping of the corkscrews is completely off but otherwise the rest of the ride rides great. I may finish supporting and theming it one day, but the same goes for everything else...

X-Scream was a X-Coaster I made back during the X-Coaster craze:

Must have been a while, since the X-Car coaster came out a few years back.

Now this is an interesting one.

I call it Zoomer, supposed to be a large fairground style ride, minus the fairground, and minus the transportability. Made this entirely with Helix Swiss Army Knife (or HSAK in Elementary).

Well, everything besides the straight segments, which are all the same element, just pasted over and over again :)

That is all for now..


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Looks great! :) I too do not have the patience to building the supports, so I don't blame you for that.

Would've liked to see some more pics of some of the rides you only briefly went over. But anyway looking forward to more more!


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It's not that I don't have the patience to support, it's just that I wind up losing interest in the ride.

Here's another floating around in my files:

I gave this one the randomly generic ride name of "Apocalypse". Supposed to have an "End of the world" theme to it. That is, whenever I get around to it. Can't do anything further until I get some theme going around it so I know where to place supports.

Once again, no more inspiration for this one.. Still have to re-do the helix at the end..


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What makes you say that? ;)

Here's another one I found:

Dynamite Danger. Supposed to be a powered coaster, has 2 circuits. Has some potential..


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I disagree. When I think of a post-apocalyptic theme, I don't think of a volcano going off ;)

Nemesis of oblivion

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Bottom_Feeder_13 said:
Post-apocalyptic reminds me of destroyed buildings, rubble, and an overlay of general decay (grime and weeds everywhere)
Same, with maybe the odd bit of mist/smoke and bodies, Vehicles, items placed randomly.


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How about downed airplanes, billboards with holes in them, crashed firetrucks, and a church in ruins? ;)

You don't like supports, do you, Xpress?


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The Great Space Coasters!!!!

I just run out of steam on the project so it gets moved to my Unfinished Tracks folder...


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Suppose I should update this... :?

This little gem I call Supercoaster. Not all that super, except you could comfortably fit the **** Willis Tower under the first hill.

Some stats:

1600 feet high
232mph fast
156mph launch
10,000 feet of track, only 3 hills into it...

Will be toying with this one for some time...

I've also been working on an Xcelerator recreation :)

A couple of testers have confirmed that it's spot on, just need to do some tweaking, support it, theme it, and finish the rest of the park before it's ready for release...


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Need to make sure you never have more than one train on that Xcelerator recreation and the one in storage in pieces. :D

Looks good though.