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Worst Value parks


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Anything in Florida short of BGT. Spending millions on mediocre entertainment is best spent on baseball games and not most of Orlando.

However, outside of those, ANYTHING in Vegas.. sweet jesus Buffalo Bills was $25 for 1 ride as was Manhattan Express and Speed the Ride (RIP). Never thought I'd spend almost $100 on 3 creds in my life unless I went to Disney. I will note that the rides on top of the Stratosphere tower, the far above best thing about Vegas short of the drinking and fun and ****, was cheaper then those three rides combined.

Edward M

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Magic **** Springs. $50 for a park with the worst operations and some of the worst coasters I've ever been on. The genuine best coaster there was Gauntlet (the SLC). X Coaster was closed without anyone even trying to fix it. The coasters were brutally rough, and barely anyone was there. Still, each coaster was around a 10 minute wait for a one train cycle. It's atrocious. Even the Water Park was bad. Half of it was completely closed, and the slides were like any other park. New least favorite park.