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VR Top 30


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So I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while. Instead of the run of the mill pov, the top 30 coasters that you can ride with your smartphone or dedicated headset. The thought was just get a motorcycle helmet, strap 5 or 6 gopros on it, stitch it together and bam! You're riding Zadra with the ability to look around. A g-force recorder overlay might be useful as well.

Since CF has the best POV's, I think this is a natural step forward, and possibly even create a new way for parks to strive for being listed. The CF listing is way more credible than Amusement Today. Well, except for Voyage. ?

So here's the question. You like the idea and/or would you use it? I think it'd be fairly easy to put it together for someone who has permission(s) already in place. We could just ship the helmet and cameras around the world, and put it together. I could see different parks using the finished product as a marketing tool as well.

Another quick question. I've seen a bunch of stunning photos in the photo thread, couldn't we put together a CF calendar? I'd buy one for sure.

Anyways- Happy New Year and thanks for everything!