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Vekoma Rides Acquired by Sansei Technologies


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Vlodrop - Tokyo, March 30, 2018. Dutch roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma Rides (Vekoma), based in Vlodrop, the Netherlands, was acquired today by Sansei Technologies (Sansei), a Japanese company listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. With the 100% acquisition of Vekoma (100% of the shares will be taken over), Sansei will increase its global market share in the field of designing, supplying and installing roller coasters. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan and active in the global entertainment equipment industry, Sansei achieved a turnover of around 225 million euros in 2017, largely from the sale of attractions to amusement parks and dynamic stage installations to theatres.



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Interesting indeed, hopefully won't actually affect much though.

I wonder if the recent S&S concepts (also owned by Sansei) will also get transferred?


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so is this the end of vekoma?
It depends to which way you mean, but I am going to say not likely on both counts:

a) No more Vekoma products - this wouldn't happen, they've acquired them which tends to mean that it's going to be an umbrella company.
b) In terms of the 'Vekoma' name, I doubt that, too. I'd see it more in line with the 'S&S Sansei' brand that happened when Sansei acquired S&S products in the Asian market.

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Interesting news for sure. @iac17 The other paragraph from the press release might answer that:

Governance structure

The conditions of the acquisition stipulate that no changes may be made to the strategy, management, terms of employment and the location of the business. Vekoma’s governance structure will, therefore, remain virtually unchanged after the acquisition, and its current management team will remain intact. Mr Nakagawa, CEO of Sansei, will sit on the Supervisory Board along with the current two Supervisory Board members, Mr Van Biert and Mr Steenbakker. The company will continue its activities under the same trade name as an independently operating company. The Works Council of Vekoma Rides, which was involved in the process from an early stage, gave a positive advice on the acquisition.

There is also talk of "opportunities to better serve new regions, such as Japan, Southeast Asia and North America." I didn't know Sansei was well established in NA, but if that means next-gen Vekoma coasters coming to the US I'm not gonna complain!
I'd imagine the buyout will allow Vekoma's to be made in S&S' North American factory and vice versa in Europe. It should make Vekoma's cheaper in NA/Asia.

Also I'd expect some of the similar models both S&S and Vekoma (such as the Suspended Family Coaster models) will have the models merged into one or discontinued.

Also this is good for some parks like Chessington with rides like Vampire eg Arrow rides with Vekoma trains, As parks will only have to go to one manufacturer again.

One more thing, Has Sansei also brought Dutch Wheels?