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"Ukko" - Söhne Skyloop - Linnanmäki



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"Linnanmäki will have a new more wilder roller coaster. The ride has already been planned for five years, but so far the project has only been in the wind, because it is considered to modify too much of the cityscape.

Now the new Sky Loop ride has received a place near the northern port where the ride sits in the landscape better.

The new roller coaster will rise as high as 50 meters. True to its name it makes a loop both vertically and horizontally.

Children's Day Foundation President and CEO Risto Räikkönen, says that this is a major project and the future of a major amusement park complex. The ride's cost will be around 4-5 million euros."

It's official now, and the foundations are being made as I type this message. :p There was also a naming contest held for the SkyLoop, and the winner is Ukko. Ukko translates as "old man", but the reason for this particular name is that Ukko is also the god of gods in Finnish mythology, Kalevala. There are already a few rides themed or related to Kalevala, such as Salama, Hurjakuru and Tulireki, and thus Ukko continues that theme. See wiki for more info about Ukko (the folklore one ;) )

There were over 20 000 proposals given for the name. The winner received a VIP-card and with it he gets two wristbands free of charge every day during the summer 2011. Not too bad for a prize, don't you think? cool) Here you can also find the top 70 of the other competing names. They are Finnish, though, as the conditions for the name was to be Finnish and one-piece.


That looks really nice!! I really need to get my plans on going to Finland sorted soon...


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Looks good but no Abismo. I think some parks should build an extended version (not an Abismo clone) to experience with new layouts.


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I like the placing of the ride. Up a small hill to seem that it's more imposing. To be honest, I've heard that these are quite fun, not amazing by any stretch, but just fun. Still, nice addition for the park!


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Yeah, I can imagine these to be a lot of fun. The actual element on Abismo is GREAT, so, I can't see what'd be wrong with repeating it and a bit of that rolling back and forth these do. If we were getting on in this country this year it'd be by far and away the best coaster we'd be getting, so...

Meh, I'll see when I ride this in a couple of months I guess!