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The Best Dark Ride?

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by _dezaster_, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. mo237

    mo237 New Member

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    Favourite dark ride is easily Symbolica- the music, the theming... everything is gorgeous. Don't think anything will come close (until I get to Disney that is)
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  2. TPC

    TPC New Member

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    Saw:The Ride
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    For dark rides I have done, I have to give it to I Corsari at Gardaland. It's a massive dark ride with practical effects (only rode it pre last year's refurbishment). Very under rated and hard to find ride!
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  3. chriss.moyer

    chriss.moyer New Member

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    Revenge Of The Mummy
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    as others have said, the ones mentioned at the top definitely not.
    i say some of the top ones are

    mystic manor
    pirates shanghai
    haunted mansion
    forbidden journey
    spider man

    the thing is journey, mystic, pirates shanghai, and symbolica i haven’t experienced but i’m sure one would be just fantastic. i’m sure there are ones of others in europe and asia that are amazing but i haven’t experienced them. but a lot of what people have said above are the best ^^
  4. KristofWB

    KristofWB Member

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    Blue Fire
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    Walibi Belgium
    I’m a sucker for the Efteling darkrides! For example Droomvlucht...I just love this one. It’s cute, it’s long, the soundtrack is so dreamy and it even has its own scent which you can purchase in the shop! Same for Fata Morgana...just love the whole atmosphere around it!

    Here in Belgium I’m a fan of Challenge of Tutankhamon. It’s interactive and the endings never the same. Plus, it doesn’t smell like a sewer, like Bos van Plop in Plopsaland De Panne does!
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  5. HeartlineCoaster

    HeartlineCoaster Member

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    Oh yes, I do now. Dark ride count spreadsheet V1.0 up and running.


    It's not the most comprehensive as I can't account for things I may have done in a place with no creds without just... remembering.
    But everything in every park with a cred I've done has been looked up and should be there now.

    It's also difficult rather difficult to define some things (that old business again), but I've gone for:
    It is a ride (other than a cred).
    It has at least 1 roof.
    It has a significant enough portion of 'things to look at' that enhanced my enjoyment of the ride.

    tl;dr - I wasn't forgetting anything, the top 5 still stands.
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  6. mkingy

    mkingy New Member

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    Symbolica floored me and I don't really like dark rides all that much. I just loved the system and it's implementation.

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