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Smoothest coaster you've ever ridden?


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Probably The Swarm as well for me, although given that my main coaster experiences outside of Thorpe were either at BPB several years ago or at smaller parks / piers in the UK I haven’t had much experience of butter smooth coasters to compare it to 😛
Untamed, Nemesis Inferno, Goliath (Walibi Holland), Fenix, Swarm and probably Python at Efteling after the retrack but even before that I don't remember it being bad.

Crush's Coaster at Disney Paris seemed very smooth in May but that's probably because it stood out against Rock N Roller and Hyperspace Mountain which have become near unbearable in the corkscrews. New vests/restraints don't help enough. The coasters are nearing the end of their lifespans it feels to me. Indiana Jones was horrible too.


Now, I might sound really picky here, but I SWEAR there's this one part on Steel Vengeance where the train makes a "CLICK" sound and a noticeable jolt (it's around the outerbank into the structure on the 3rd "lap"). But other than that, it's incredibly smooth. This and Twisted Timbers are very on par with each other.
Other than RMCs, Phantom's Revenge and Steel Force were insanely smooth! I even rode on a wheel seat on SF, not even a single vibration. And a ride I really didn't expect to be as smooth as it was; Laff Trakk! I didn't think this ride would be too smooth, but honestly, it was probably the smoothest ride at Hersheypark.

For wooden coasters, Phoenix is the obvious choice for me. I knew it was going to be smooth, but not THAT smooth! Blue Streak in the front row, Thunderbolt (Kennywood), and Mystic Timbers are also very close to that top spot.
Nitro and talon for steel coasters. El Toro for woodies.
I love this comment just reminiscing on my love for talon! Alpengiest very tough ride this year in March! Love talon afterburn and weirdly loved copperhead strike and cheetah runs smoothness! I must say though they did a great job on twisted timbers!


Intimidator 305 is possibly the smoothest ride I've ever had but that was back in 2010 so no idea if its aged well.


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As of last June, Nitro in the front row was like floating on a cloud. Texas stingray is the smoothest wooden coaster I’ve ridden but it just opened so not sure that counts. Steel vengeance is the smoothest intense coaster I’ve ridden...


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Back in the day - 2001 ish? Canyon Blaster's "corkscrew bit" transformed what I was thought possible. The surroundings rotated to my center of gravity. Now? I think Wing Riders are the smoothest, non-inverting 'speed' coasters pack the most heartbeats, and terrain coasters are the most fun. As long as it has serious airtime, I'm happy being on it.


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I too air on the side of RMC I-Box - probably Storm Chaser actually? Really throws down some major forces, but keeps it's composure without any real rattle. Also sticks out as they sped up the roller coaster from it's first year with faster wheels, while still being pretty silk smooth.
Might update my response with Hagrid's Motorbike at Universal. Was very smooth (as to be expected for a new build), but given the ride's 6 launches, vertical freefall drop, and backward section - it was especially smooth.