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Six Flags 2020 Announcements


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anyone know what time the announcement is?
Go back a page. This isn't a Facebook comment section. I literally posted it a few hours ago.

As one of the original Raptor fanboys, I'm feeling a bit salty that others will go full dumbass with their love and make it cringey as hell to like them like they have with the other RMC's.

That said, this thing is gonna be ****in bat****. Knowing the ejector in the front on WW, I can't imagine what this will hold in the back row. Plus that stall. The intimidation of the front row with the small track as well is gonna catch people off guard.


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Jersey Devil looks great and all, but I really wish Schilke would stick the dive loops and stalls to the wooden supported variants. I'm not saying dive loops and stall elements on a steel coaster aren't fantastic, but there's only so many elements that looks good and function well with trestle style wooden supports. So, given that steel has more freedom, and there are RMC's within reasonable road-trip driving distance plus more to come, I wish we'd see something original, I feel like this was almost plug and play. Sure, the forces will deliver, and it will we a great ride, but it seems almost like plug and play Schilke, like B&M tier plug and play.


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The page is live on their site at the moment (but not linked from the home page); EDIT : its all linked OK now from their home page (~930 UK time)


Press Release said:
Six Flags is unveiling an unparalleled roster of exciting new offerings for the 2020 season:

Six Flags Great Adventure, the World’s Ultimate Thrill Park, will shatter three world records when it debuts a coaster of legendary proportions—the tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster. Jersey Devil Coaster will tower 13 stories and reach speeds up to 58 mph as riders soar through the dark and foreboding woods along 3,000 feet of imposing track. Inspired by infamous New Jersey folklore, the fiendish coaster will feature five intense elements including two dramatic inversions.

Six Flags Over Georgia, the Thrill Capital of the South—introduces two devious villain attractions in the all-new Gotham City. Thrill-seekers will spin wildly on Catwoman Whip while suspended from her twirling wheel of chaos. Riders are raised by a giant arm, feet dangling, and are launched into a high-speed spin…round and round…seven stories toward the sky. Also new for 2020, Poison Ivy Toxic Twister will send riders through a classic scramble that puts a new twist on spinning.

Six Flags Great America, the Thrill Capital of the Midwest, continues its record-breaking streak in 2020 with the world-record water coaster, Tsunami Surge. Towering an incredible 86 feet in height, this innovative water coaster will be the tallest-of-its-kind in the world. Riders will reach a top speed of 28 mph over 950 feet of enclosed tunnels and open-air slides with three gravity-defying blasts and five breathtaking drops. Tsunami Surge will also feature AquaLucent technology, giving riders the sensation of traveling at the speed of light as brilliant colors and dreamlike imagery heighten the ride experience.

Six Flags Mexico, the undisputed Thrill Capital of Latin America, announced its most exciting ride to date—CraZanity—the world’s tallest pendulum ride. With a record height more than 50 meters, this enormous, giant disk will reach speeds over 120 kilometers per hour as it whips back and forth, and higher and higher, to give riders an amazing view of the world all around them.

Six Flags Darien Lake, the Thrill Capital of New York State, is excited to announce that its waterpark will become Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and welcome a massive new slide. Wahoo Wave and its one-of-a-kind water wall will elevate the park’s already powerful roster of heat-beating attractions. This adrenaline-packed adventure sends four riders into near vertical surges to experience extended hang times and zero g-forces. Riders plunge 30 feet straight down before sweeping up at high speeds as they arc across the top of a massive water wall, virtually defying gravity before descending into a refreshing pool below.

Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, will debut Aquaman: Power Wave, the first-of-its-kind water coaster in North America. Standing an impressive 148 feet tall, this massive attraction launches riders backward across more than 700 feet of track at 63 mph. As the ride completes its action-packed cycle, riders are launched forward from a 90-degree angle for the ultimate splashdown. Aquaman: Power Wave will be the park’s 15th coaster.

Six Flags Great Escape Resort, New York’s Most Thrilling Resort Property, announces the Adirondack Outlaw. This high-flying ride will have guests catching maximum airtime and experiencing 360-degree rotations of heart-pounding excitement. The head-over-heels exhilaration of Adirondack Outlaw will elevate riders to unmatched heights as they travel more than 50 mph. This rebellious ride swings 16 stories high, offering spectacular views of Lake George.

La Ronde, Quebec’s leading destination for thrills and family entertainment, will introduce the first ever free-fly coaster in Canada. Vipère takes coaster riding to the next level, sending riders on a head over heels journey with unexpected drops, vertical free-falls and gravity-defying somersaults. This thrilling ride will give guests the feeling of weightlessness as they soar outside the confines of a traditional track.

Six Flags New England, the Thrill Capital of New England, will introduce its latest thrill in 2020. Guests will take an adrenaline-charged flight on the all-new Supergirl Sky Flyer attraction as they soar nearly seven stories through the sky in open-air vehicles. Drawing on DC Super Hero Supergirl’s powers of stamina and strength, thrill-seekers spin and tilt at maximum speeds while suspended from the massive whirling wheel. The giant disc is raised as riders are launched into a high-speed spin, feet dangling…round and round…higher and higher. Supergirl will be located next to the park’s top ranked coaster, Superman The Ride, in the DC Super Hero Adventures section.

Magic Waters will become Hurricane Harbor Rockford when it opens next summer. The park is also adding to its thrilling attraction lineup with the only tailspin waterslide in the Midwest—Tidal Wave. This uniquely designed waterslide will send riders through a limitless wave as they descend from 43 feet above the ground, reaching speeds of 15 mph through twists and turns. The thrill slide will feature new AquaLucent technology, adding another level of excitement as the dark twists and turns light up in dazzling, fullcolor patterns.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, the Largest Waterpark in Arizona, is offering guests a bigger, better and wetter experience with its largest expansion in years. The exciting, new Paradise Island will feature a 12,000 square foot activity pool. Guests will keep cool and enjoy plenty of fun in the sun with a new water volleyball area and a unique water basketball court. The addition will also include more shade, lounge seating, restrooms and new culinary options.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington, the Largest Waterpark in North Texas, will open an all-new slide complex called, Banzai Pipeline. Guests will have the choice of three slides with multiple twists, turns and drops down a four-story tower for a thrilling and refreshing ride

Six Flags White Water Atlanta, the Southeast’s Largest Waterpark, will debut Python Plunge, a striking five-story water slide with multiple swirling discs and adrenalinepumping drops. The massive water slide features two-person rafts that slither along a 500-foot course and careen around giant saucer-shaped turns before sending guests plunging into the pool below.

White Water Bay will become Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City when the park opens next spring for the 2020 season. The Largest Waterpark in Oklahoma is also debuting an exhilarating, new high-speed racing complex—Wahoo Racer—a multi-lane water complex that gives riders two uniquely different experiences. The park will also receive numerous upgrades and bright, tropical theming throughout.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the Thrill Capital of South Texas, will debut Daredevil Dive Flying Machines, the world’s tallest ride-of-its-kind. Experience the thrills and sensations of weightlessness through aerial banks, loops and dives, all while seated in a retro, fourseater steampunk flying machine. Sharply turning right side up and upside down, riders will break from formation and maneuver into aerobatic dogfights during the barnstorming journey, all while soaring nearly five stories above Crackaxle Canyon.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the Thrill Capital of Northern California, is adding its 12th roller coaster, Sidewinder Safari. This unique, combination family coaster and animal exhibit immerses guests in a jungle-like setting as they enter the queue line surrounded by live snakes, lizards and other reptiles. Guests will then travel along 1,378 feet of slithering track with twisting and turning hairpin curves, rapid strike drops and 360- degree spins.

Six Flags St. Louis, the Coaster Capital of Missouri, is unleashing Catwoman Whip to catapult guests into thrilling chaos. The adventure begins as the ride’s giant arm launches 16 guests, with feet dangling, 164 feet into the air. As the massive arm whips around at up to 52 mph in a spinning rotation, the unique open-air pods are simultaneously flipping guests head over heels. From 16 stories high, guests will plummet back down toward the ground only to complete the rotation all over again for an intense adrenaline rush.

Six Flags America, DC’s Thrill Capital, will open its newest attraction, Harley Quinn Spinsanity. The oversized giant pendulum ride, named after DC super villain HARLEY QUINN, promises to deliver epic, high-flying excitement as it spins and swings to breathtaking heights. The towering, swinging, giant disc will reach speeds up to 70 mph as it whips back and forth, going higher and higher while constantly spinning, giving riders an exhilarating riding experience.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, the undisputed “Thrill Capital of the World,” will have the biggest-ever expansion of the park’s two signature annual events, Fright Fest in the fall and Holiday in the Park during the winter season. The expanded event offerings will be located in the newly renovated area of the park, The Underground, where the new coaster, West Coast Racers, will soon open. Both events will have an urban “street vibe” and feature exciting and uniquely themed activities and entertainment, adding an entirely different dimension to each of the park’s most popular events.

• This fall, Six Flags delivers the biggest and scariest Halloween event on the planet— Fright Fest®. No one does Halloween like Six Flags with plenty of Thrills by Day and Fright by Night and more ghouls, more haunted mazes and more terrifying scares than ever before. Also, back by popular demand, Six Flags is featuring the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge. Brave, would-be coffin dwellers are encouraged to sign up for the most frightening night of their lives and the chance to win a cash prize and 2020 Season Passes…if they dare.

• Later in the year, tis the season for a winter spectacular as 13 parks ring in the holidays with Holiday in the Park®. This treasured, time-honored Six Flags tradition offers a winter wonderland of all the beloved sights and sounds of the season. Holiday in the Park features festive holiday-themed shows and delicious seasonal treats, along with select rides and attractions, set against the backdrop of millions of twinkling lights.
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Rather intriguingly, it would also seem that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is receiving yet another coaster for 2020! It will be some sort of spinning coaster called Sidewinder Safari.
Yh thanks we all read the post three above yours.

Not the best year, but SFGADv’s looks amazing and I still respect the mentality of everyone gets something.


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Video was cringe-worthy.
Of course it was, but I really appreciate the effort. Getting the head honcho to dress up in a silly costume for an announcement video like that really sells the impression that they are committed to fun, no matter how mediocre some of those additions may be. I don't really see any of the other big theme park chains doing something like that (for some of them, not even at gunpoint).

As Ben said, it's not the best year, but it's something for everyone, at least. And at least there's one big coaster in a park that's gone for very long without one.


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Nice to not see anymore Freespins or Superloops for once! Looks like a good year for SF. Not as good as last year but much better than 2017. Obviously Jersey Devil is the standout coaster and looks incredible! Aquaman: Power Wave also looks decent (I mean who doesn't like Pulsar) even with its one boat service. The flat ride additions for this year look pretty decent too, so I'm not disappointed!

Would have been nice though to see another thrill coaster of some kind even if it was just the likes of a Freespin. Still, the US is getting two new RMCs next year that we know of as of now so you guys should be happy!
Of course it was, but I really appreciate the effort. Getting the head honcho to dress up in a silly costume for an announcement video like that really sells the impression that they are committed to fun, no matter how mediocre some of those additions may be. I don't really see any of the other big theme park chains doing something like that (for some of them, not even at gunpoint).

As Ben said, it's not the best year, but it's something for everyone, at least. And at least there's one big coaster in a park that's gone for very long without one.
And this is Jim's last year isn't it? If so, he FINALLY got to swear (with bleeps)... I wonder if they'll release an explicit version with an age rating on it aha