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Ride Related Dreams You've Had


Going on Appolos Chariot after filling in the missing track (like the etc senarios of old) which was the 180° twisting drop at the bottom of a dam wall. Thank you YouTube for suggesting that pov earlier.

But at least I got on, usually it's just a queue line that's a bit/lot freaky and when I reach the end I either wake up or its not a rollercoaster. I guess that's more a nightmare.


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Me in FLY topic said:
Reading these Wuzeball rumours has reminded me of a dream I had years ago, soon after a school trip there in 2010. I'd dreamt that Phantasialand had built RCT3 Dizzy Dropper ride and it was isolated, all alone and unthemed at the far end of an empty field (on land that is actually the Mystery car park). Not a Zacspin but similar and bare in mind this was years before a Dizzy Dropper actually got built as the RES Rollerball. I'd also managed to completely miss out the whole of the Wuze area on that trip... Subconsciously, I must have known of this rumour back then!


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Probably alcohol withdrawal related, but last night I had a dream where Duel at Alton broke down, and then the staff along with animatronics performed my favourite album.

Made me giggle a bit when I woke up.


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I've had a dream where me and the kids were at Cedar Point, but no operators or crowds. So I figure out how to make it go and get in the rear seat, but woke up at the crest of the hill. When I was young, I dreamt being around the Matterhorn a lot. It had a big impact on me, kinda like the first time going to a big league stadium.


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I had a dream last night where it was possible to park hop between Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea by taking a monorail.

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Maybe they could build a "round the world" monorail connecting all parks? Using a high speed maglev you could do Disneyland california to wdw in about 8.5 hours, WDW to DLP in about 20 hours, dlp to hong kong in about 30 hours, hong kong to shanghai in 3 hours, shanghai to tokyo in about 5 or 6 hours, tokyo to california in 20 hours.

Should be able to run this service on 4 or 5 trains an hour each way;. probably more likely than the london resort anyway!


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Very weird but quite enjoyable one the other night - took my non-CF best friend to Chessington (for some reason)
While there, we met numerous CFers, most of whom I hadn't seen since 2012 or even earlier and many of whom I'd entirely forgotten! Amusingly, due to subconscious social distancing, we met them one at a time.

For some reason, there was a new show and a flying island. Dragon's Fury seemed to have been part-rebuilt by Gerst and S&S and was... very unreliable. A new coaster was being built. It should have been at that point that I realised I was dreaming really.


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I was being pursued by an old industrial boiler (not a reference to my wife) down the promenade at Blackpool from the Tower towards the Pleasure Beach. It sort of made a screeching noise as it relentlessly gave chase with rust peeling in all directions.

I thought that an escape was possible by a manoeuvre involving a run through Coral Island but I was spited by a group of 2,000 lasses on a 'Hen Do' from Burnley.

The boiler was stiil hot on my tails as I passed the Wetherspoon's Velvet Coaster at breakneck speed. I had no opportunity to have a pint of Old Rosie & jug of Long England Iced Tea. I leapt over the Ark entrance and dived onto the nearest coaster. I was safe.

Or so I thought. There was a sign at the top of the lift hill which read 'THEY'RE OFF'


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I had a dream last night that I was at Alton Towers and Fury 325 was there! Imagine the size of the hole they'd have to dig to keep it below the tree line!