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Project Krakatoa



Little thing I'm working on. A B&M launched sitdown coater sitting in a polynesian environment with a volcano. I have posted most of the pictures in other threads, but I'm reposting them here for those who havn't seen them.

The layout

I might change the ending. Everything until the second loop will stay (with minor modifications). I'm thinking about getting rid of that loop, because the pacing in the second half is a bit slow. Elements are (in order):

- 64Km/h kaunch into zero G roll
- Immelmann
- Loop
- Zero G roll
- Cobra Roll
- Corckscrew

Stats are similar to Hulk at IOA.

The theming

As you can see in the concepts, the volcano will be the centerpiece. It will erupt everytime a train goes over it. There will be a splash at the bottom of the first drop. Behind the Moais, there will be a polynesian village which will serve as queue/station/transfer/shop... More to be announced soon.

The plans

I hope to finish the trackwork this month so I can have a entire month to do the theming. So, estimated release date is end of march.

The future

A second themed are with an Intamin Blitz. This time Aztec/Mayan theming (kind of a tribute to my older, lost Intamin Blitz, although this time it will be more family oriented).


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Very nice!
I'm very to NoLimits and I have to ask, how did you get those heads in there? I would love to be able to add things like that to the game, I have only made a couple of rides and they're a bit noobish, however I would love to be able to add little enhancements like that.

Great work though.


Usually I make them myself (and will make them for the final version), but those are from SketchUp Warehouse. Just download the model in SketchUp, export it as .dae (Collada) and open it in NL2 (scenery tab).

Thanks :)


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Ah okay I will give that a try, I'm going to unveil some NoLimits work myself at some point I have made a few test coasters and think I'm ready to try something serious, I have a project in mind may require some scenery, so I'll be sure to give that a go when required,

Thanks :D


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Looks good! I look forward to seeing it progress.


Thank you guys!

Anyway, some more pictures. I made a station today because I was bored. Textures didn't work well, but it doesn't matter. They will when everything is finished.

As you can see in the 4th picture, the ride is buried in a trench. You will be able to see the entire coaster from the path.

Thanks for your comments guys!


Thank you very much!

Small update, just to show the great logo KonceptArts kindly made for me (on the first post). I'm still working on the layout, as I want trackwork to be pretty good. I won't make a big update until I finish it (1-2 weeks). Scenery should go fast, a week or so, plus the finishing touches... I think I can release it at the end of this month, as I planned. Well, here is another picture: