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So today I was browsing the Thorpe Park Wikipedia page for some reason, and I remembered they had this one ride, Tidal Wave, and it reminded me of Perilous Plunge.
And while I may not have ridden this insanely steep water ride, I would think that some on this forum have, and I want to know if they liked the ride, how wet they got on it, and how fun it was overall. It's kind of sad this ride got replaced by a Large Park wild mouse, and I want to hear your thoughts on Perilous Plunge.

Now I can't say if it was bad or good, but it certainly looked like a thrilling ride!


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Didn't get on it until after the spite and had the atrocious harness. You got stupid wet. Like, just go in the shower with all clothes on stupid wet. Uncomfortable. It was basically a train every 10 mins with those harnesses. Staff hated it. People hated it. It was ****.

Not as **** as that ****ing mouse that cant fit someone who is 5'8" with those hack job shin restraints, but here we are.

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Not been on PP, but I have been on Drenched in Oakwood, and they're basically the same ride. Yes you get extremely wet, yes the drop is extremely steep, yes it's quite fun. Also interesting how two Shoot-the-Chutes have had deaths on them, in pretty similar fashions as well from what I can gather.

Also it's definitely a cred.


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Been on both Perilous Plunge and Hydro <3 (and I'm 6'2 and rode Coast Rider just fine?)
I actually liked the ride. I rode Plunge when it had the physical OTSR, not the messy seatbelt harness it had when it reopened post Uh-Oh. I rode it on a Sunday, in August, it was hot.... And yet, I was the only person on the entire ride.... There wasn't even anyone in the queue. Outside of not having the entrance blocked off, there wasn't even really any indication the ride was open except for the fact that water was running down the drop. The whole area seemed, dead. I rode in the front row (same for Hydro) but didn't really get that wet. (Got soaked on Hydro) Plunge had the trims after the drop on HARD.... pretty much bringing the boat to a stop with minimal wave force, leading to minimal splash.... Basically, the only water that got me wet was that from going down the drop and having the ''falling water" flowing over the back of the boat as we dropped with it.
The splash down runoff for the ride had magnet trims that could be adjusted to determine how big the splash was. On cold days they could essentially make the ride a much drier experience. Despite being there on a hot summer day, it seesee to have been set to minimum splash... and with an empty boat, nothing really happened. (Not sure if Hydro has the mags... But it was cooler when I was there and they didn't seem to care how wet people got)


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I had no idea someone died on Perilous Plunge from falling out the boat exactly the same as Hydro. That's pretty crazy, surely Intamin were at fault..?