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Most unique roller coaster lineup?

Matt N

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Hi guys. Out of all the parks in the world, each one has a different coaster lineup, made up of different ride types. There are many parks filled with ride types that you can find at many parks across the world. But equally, there are also parks that have quite a few more unique rides that aren’t quite as common. So my question to you today is; which parks do you think have the most unique roller coaster lineup, filled with rides that you can’t necessarily find at any other theme park?

For me, I personally think that Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a worthy contender for this title. The park has 10 roller coasters (OK, 12 credits, but for purposes of ease, the three sides of Steeplechase feel pretty similar, and credits are also pretty subjective), and I’d say that most of them are pretty unique:
  • Big Dipper is the only John A. Miller designed coaster left in Europe, and designer aside, classic woodies like this are a dying breed.
  • Grand National is one of only 3 surviving wooden möbius loop coasters left in operation worldwide (possibly 2 now that the operational status of the one in Mexico is up in the air), and the same clause of it being a classic woodie applies to Nash as it does to Big Dipper.
  • Nickelodeon Streak is perhaps less unique and/or historically significant than the two above it, but I’d personally argue that any classic woodie of this style is pretty unique, personally.
  • Blue Flyer is one of very few junior woodies left that were built pre-2000, as far as I’m aware. That being said, an exact clone of it was apparently built in India.
  • Steeplechase is one of only 2 Arrow Steeplechase models ever built, and the only one left in operation. This one is definitely hugely unique, in my opinion; there’s nothing else I can think of that’s quite like it.
  • Revolution was one of only 8 Arrow Launched Loop models ever built, and one of only 3 left in operation.
  • Avalanche is one of only 6 Mack Bobsled coasters ever built, and one of only 5 left in operation. Even if you extend that to all bobsled coasters by all manufacturers, it’s one of only 8 left in operation; definitely a dying breed.
  • Even though hyper coasters are a relatively common sight at parks today, Big One is one of only 5 Arrow hyper coasters ever built, and arguably one of only 3 left operating in their original Arrow-designed state (while Phantom’s Revenge is still operational, most of the Arrow-designed bits were removed as part of the 2001 refurbishment).
  • Infusion and Icon are the definite exceptions to this rule; the former is one of a model line that has spawned 42 roller coasters over time, including 26 others with the exact same layout, while the latter is part of a model line that has spawned 16 roller coasters so far, and will likely spawn many more in the years to come. But having 80% of your coaster lineup being classed as even somewhat unique is not bad at all for a park with quite a few coasters, in my opinion!
But what parks do you think have particularly unique roller coaster lineups? I’m sure I could probably find other contenders, but BPB was one that really struck out in my mind with regards to this topic!
Silver Dollar City came to my mind as Time Traveller is currently the only operating Mack Extreme Spinner (not for much longer), Powder Keg is a unique Premier/S&S crossover and Wildfire is one of only 5 operating B&M sitdown coasters, it also has one of a few topper track RMCs, Granted the mine train is a common model as is their kiddie coaster.


Mountain monkey
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Lagoon also comes to mind, as they've designed a few of their own coasters and as such RCDB has a heck of a time classifying them. As a result it is said to have a GCI coaster built in 1921, a coaster that points to ART Engineering, but the latter's page doesn't point back to it, and nobody even knows what Primordial is supposed to be. They've also got a few old standard coaster models sitting around, such as a Jet Star II, an old Schwarzkopf, and one of the SFCs Vekoma built before it was cool. All around a strange lineup.


For me it has to be Fuji-Q highland, all of there coaster seem unique and very interesting, a must do park for me one day.

Do-Dodonpa: the last of only two s&s thrust air coasters and still the fastest accelerating coaster on earth.

Enjanaika: one of two s&s 4d coasters, the tallest and fastest wing coaster on earth and while the track does not you go upside down 14 times apparently.

Fujiyama: Togo’s tallest fastest and longest coaster, this hyper has a strange twisting layout.

Rock’n roll Duncan: odd little kid coaster

Takabisha: while there is a near identical clone with a slightly steeper beyond vertical drop, it’s sill a very interesting coaster with a vertical lift and launch.

Voyage Dans Le Ciel: while it looks like a simple scenic inverted coaster it used to be a flying coaster which is pretty weird.

They also have something big coming and I hope they keep there trend of making strange unique great coasters.


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i'd probably give a shoutout to phantasialand. nominally a lot of their rides are straightforward- invert, intamin laucher, spinning coasters, etc. but the way they're embedded in their environments makes it very hard to find similar coasters anywhere else

outside of china that is...