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Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper


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It’s awesome!

Rode it once today, 3rd row. Got to the park at opening, immediately went to the ride but they wouldn’t let people in until 11:10. From there it was only about 30 min for me with one train ops. So technically I waited an hour but easily could’ve been a lot worse if I showed up 10 minutes later.

It was smooth and comfortable, and it honestly looks great. The inversions were fun, they flow really well together. Some good airtime pops but nothing too outstanding. What really surprised me were the positive g forces in the first half of the ride...they felt awesome but they weren’t trying to kill you as well which I liked. All of the elements were solid, though can’t really figure out which singular element was the best for me. I think the hill-dive loop-stall combo was the most fun.

I really enjoyed it, had a smile on my face on the break run.

The park clearly has a winner here, everyone was into it. It’ll likely go down as the park’s star attraction from now on.

Oh, and Phanny is better.

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