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Is the "Action Point" movie just "Action Park: The Movie"?


I was on YouTube today and spotted a trailer for a Johnny Knoxville film titled "Action Point". Watching the trailer, they mention the park having no rules, and several familiar sights from the original Action Park. Such as...

-A GoKart course where you can do anything and everything.

-A luge where there's nothing keeping you from flying off course.

-A chairlift going over said luge and in the movie, it actually falls.

-Free beer for everyone on opening day.

So that made me think "Isn't this movie just Action Park: The Movie?"


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The fact that's an amusement park movie? If you look it up on a computer it has a few articles that have to do with a " Dangerous Theme Park."
Also I'd figure they'd just put "Point" in there to make it seem like it has to do with Cedar Point.


Well the blurb for the movie explicitly mentions its based on Action Park, so...

In reality of course it will be "inspired by" in that way that movies are (and an excuse for silly stunts in the way that Jackass-esque movies are) :)
I never saw the articles. I should've figured it was based on the park.

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