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Just going to dump a project I've called Indecisive onto here that was made for a contest I couldn't join due to being a judge >,>


While the station isn't complete, the layout is. It is a B&M Sit-down multi-looper. It has a Jojo-roll underneath the station, followed by an Immelman, a Dive loop, a set of intersecting Corkscrews and another barrel roll before turning around and going up into the brake run. It runs three trains as well. I hope to finish the station one day as well!

A couple pics to give you a general idea of the layout:

Update for the other two: No support work has been done on Sun Burst, and only very little work has been done on Kraken. I've started a 3rd coaster but have put it on hold til I complete Kraken at the very least.


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I actually like it. Nice little coaster and the first inversion is Drachen Fire esque. <3


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Indecisive - The ride has a really good layout but the trackwork let it down... it wasnt very smooth and felt like a whole load of prefab elemens have just been thrown in with no attempt to smooth them!

Custom supports need a bit of work too but if this was worked on and tweaked a bit this would be a great ride


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^^ Haha, wasnt going for a Drachen Fire type start, but I do see it now that you mentioned it.

^ The only prefab elements are the interlocking corkscrews cause I dont know how to make a proper one by hand without breaking everyones neck. All the rest are hand made sir/madame :3 I know the supports look/are terrible. Im horrible at them and just trying to figure em out at this point.

Switching between the hideouts'...


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Finally, the track that I have been stuck on has been completed! Everyone, I present the floating track layout of Kraken's Revenge!

All that is left to do is to terraform, support this as best I can, and attempt to smooth certain spots out that move weird.

In the meantime, I have another project to present to you that I have dubbed Gigantasaurus Rex, a B&M Giga. Colors are not final, but looked good to me. Still trying to think of a better name than what I have ^-^'

As always, please let me know what you think from what you see so far!


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WELL! Due to the competitions on here I have FINALLY had some inspiration :3 Will be finishing up a few of my rides so long as another competition doesn't start up within the month of December or these rides WON'T get finished >< Doesn't help that I continually make new projects as well lol.

Speaking of new projects, here is a Mega-Lite that I am designing called Scampe. I plan on having it intertwine with itself for a majority of the ride before scaling off in a direction for some final hills. It is at 108 feet high and is doing quite well so far. Here are some pics of it:

First drop going into first hill.

First hill going into the weird thing found on Storm Runner

Over-bank turn-around

As to the older projets, Krakens Revenge just needs supported (still), I've redone the turn-around on Gigantosaurus (B&M Giga) to be more like Shambalah and I think that is it to be honest. Give some hints and tips about for Scampe and I will get more pictures out of Gigantosaurus and Kraken as well :3



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Hmmm...time to dust this off with just a quick and easy update for those of you that actually care:

OMEGA (or the project formerly known as Gigantosaurus Rex) has been completed with the track, all that is left is supporting and some minor scenery fun. Will post pics up asap.

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View of the entire ride

View of First turn-around as well second

Second Turn Around

Hammerhead (I believe)



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More views, no reviews lol. Just a quick photo update showing the support work that I have done so far. Been busy with work and dealing with life's drama, so it felt good to sit down last night and churn out some supports. Any tips and suggestions are welcome as I am beginning to slightly understand supporting more and more.



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Whats this? A reply, in my topic? MADNESS I SAY!

But in all realness, I have a new track to display for ya'll. Introducing Forbidden Forest Ride. This is a wooden coaster that is a little over a mile long (5387.15 feet to be exact), have a drop height of 215 feet, a top speed of 81mph and has an incredibly steep drop that isn't 90, but is beyond 75 (not sure how to even figure OUT the degree of a drop, so if someone would be so kind :lol:).

This ride took me about a month to create, and had a few changes during the process. Onto the pictures!

First part of the ride

Oh sweet god the steepness!

The Turn-Around section

Part of the terrain return section heading back to the station.


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Looks pretty nice! Can't wait to ride it. :D


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DL is up, just click the name lol. Didnt feel like putting forth more text than required

Edit: For those wanting a download, just click the rides' name. It will proceed to mediafire for le download.


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Whelp, here is Omega:

Such a long, awaited process that I just gave up with the custom supporting and did in-game ><


Edit: Please note that there is a 3ds object in the game, so this will require track packager to unpackage. Lame, I know. Will eventually do POVs of these most recent releases.


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Videos are coming soon for these downloads.

Onto a bit of an update:

I have been uninspired to really put forth much effort into designing rides as of late. Part of it is due to having other priorities (work), and new games that I have been playing (WoW (not really new, but time consuming) and Borderlands 2).

Yet, good news prevails! I want to get back to working on my first major project, Silent Hill: Race to Freedom, which would mean it will be my first ever Newton designed ride, and heavily involve 3ds.

That being said, I am humbly asking for some help in regards to how to use Newton properly, and either advice on how to make 3ds objects, a place where I get have them downloaded at or even doing some of the hardest objects for me (I need a church for the hardest part).

Here is the video for OMEGA:



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I seem to have come across a HUGE snag in regards to my 3Ds object.

The problem is scale. Im not sure just what I did, or if I am supposed to build it to a certain increment in Sketchup, but when I export it as a 3ds and use it in the sim it is MASSIVE!

For clarity, the entrance side to the building is 40ft. I get it sized in the builder and when I hop onto the sim, it is now massively gargantuan and takes up 1/3 or the map.



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Ok then, I am forcing the best of my abilities in order to complete something that recently popped into my head. While not on a massive scale time wise, this rides track is going to be immense. Here is a picture of what I have done so far in regards to track. This is severely uninteresting, but trust me when I say the final product will be worth it :D