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Having an 11 week old daughter and being originally from the area I'm sure I'll be seeing alot of this place fingers crossed they still build the woodie!


Two more videos have come out since the last and I am pretty sure the woodie is not happening, from looking at the old plans it would have been to the left of the large building as you enter the outdoor part of the park, but there are just some rides and a waterslide in its place. I might be wrong as the plans appear to be different to the current construction.



Here are the two new vids:

In the video he says how they will be getting a spinning coaster, saying a little mouse told him. Possibly a spinning wild mouse but more likely a SBF or EOS spinner. They also show a few of the attractions that will be coming to the resort.

This one is more about accommodation.

Shame about the woodie, while they might build it somewhere else in the park I doubt it and we would have seen some construction by now unless it is planed for the future. While its good to be getting a new park in the UK there is nothing that really stands out as interesting or unique at this park.

EDIT: there was another vid

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Here is an up to date look at the site:

There will be two coasters but that woodie rumour is dead, RCDB lists what there will be, one confirmed the other likely a ESO spinner:

I think the park looks fine, nothing special but a good park for family’s. Once they hopefully put some trees in and grow it will not look so sparse. They have still not shown the indoor area so that will be interesting, they will have a rotating swing ride which will be a bit more on the thrill side.

The themeing in the lands is simple but I did not expect much so it’s fine, hopefully they will add some more and break the lands up a bit. Nice to see a new park come to the UK even if it’s aimed kids.

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I think it should be a nice little park for its audience! Besides, I’m sure Gulliver’s has plans to expand in the future; every budding theme park needs to start somewhere!


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I know we're supposed to be happy about any new park opening, but this place just looks dismal. It's lacking in any kind of character and there looks to be very little to actually do there. It's depressing honestly, just so joyless.

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The company also posted a before and after of the site:

It looks so bland. Also no sign of the woodie from the photo (I think the thing in top right is a water ride). There's only 17 attractions on park too: https://www.gulliversvalleyresort.co.uk/rides

I was interviewed for a role within company a couple of years back. Honestly, their whole attitude to this place felt like a "we may as well add a 4th location because we can". It felt very forced and lifeless, with no real rhyme or reason behind it. And there seemed to be very little drive to develop their existing theme parks.

All of that shows with this. It's so bland and tacky. Honestly, the only reason this park feels like it exists is so Gullivers can add on all their resort extras (high ropes, dinosaur land, Nerf zones, water parks and whatever else) later. It's basically going to be a rubbish Butlins with a rubbish fairground added on.

It's just dismal.

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Over time, it wouldn’t surprise me if Gulliver’s added to this site a little more. I remember reading somewhere that this site in Rotherham has far more expansion potential than the other Gulliver’s sites, so they may well add different attractions as time goes on.

Maybe they delayed the woodie to a potential phase 2 of the park? These sorts of projects rarely come all at once, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was some sort of “phase 2” planned.


The western street looks okay, but lacks the depth of a major park's western section, simply adding one of those (can't remember the term) boardwalky porch bits in front of the buildings would go a long way. The inside bit looks pretty bad though, you can do indoor stuff well if you detail it properly. Coral Island in Blackpool is a good example of how this can be done. Could be best to see if they intend to do something else with the lighting before passing too much judgement though.

The hotel though, can't save that if you're gonna leave shipping container walls...


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Although I'm not a target audience, surely it would have been better to invest more of the money into the park itself than jumping straight into a hotel. If the site is lacking rides, at least put in a massive climbing structure to keep children entertained after they've done all the rides. It looks rather sad, and I'm sure there could have been wiser investments than all these 'off the shelf' attractions. £37 million obviously doesn't go very far these days!