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Fatal Pendulum Accident, Karachi.


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This news is a couple of days old now, surprised nobody has posted anything.
Seems as though another pendulum ride has broken apart in Karachi's Askari Amusement Park. 1 girl killed, 25 injured. Pretty horrific.

Polite warning: The article below contains the aftermath of a tragic accident at a theme park. Please be respectful, and exercise your own judgement before clicking through to the links. Hixee.

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That picture is pretty graphic, awful to see.

Polite warning: The video below shows the moment of a tragic accident at a theme park. Please be respectful, and exercise your own judgement before clicking through to the links. Hixee.

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Wasn't the ride at the Ohio State Fair the same model and made by the same manufacturer?

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A different article explaining a little more on what happened...

Article reads:
A 16-seater ride named 'Monster' had fallen apart late last night at Askari Park in the Old Sabzi Mandi area, killing 14-year-old Kashaf and wounding numerous others.
The teenager’s father has announced to pursue legal action against the park’s administration.

According to Geo News, the initial report stated the swing fell apart after its ball bearings slipped as a result of the broken bolts.
The new ride was opened for a trial on Sunday but was closed right after the accident. Police later shut down the recently-opened park to the public.

Following the accident, questions were raised about the ownership of the park. The Karachi Municipal Commissioner East district denied owning the amusement park, although the name of one of the owners of the Askari park has been discovered. Famous industrialist Zubair Tufail owns shares in the amusement park.

Speaking to Geo News, Tufail said that the swing was brought from China and Chinese engineers, who had installed the swing, have been immediately summoned.
Tufail said that according to the engineers here, chances of 20 bolts giving away at the same time are quite bleak. Geo News also found out the office of the Askari park’s administration situated in PECHS. Turned out that the owners had left the house to servants.

Meanwhile, it emerged that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has also denied owning the land.


This scares me the most :

No checks and balances

Two days before opening, the park’s managing director, Shafqat Jafri, had told The Express Tribune that the machinery had been imported from China. On a query regarding safety checks, he had said that no officials had visited the park yet as there were no laws governing such rides in the country. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) team, he had said at the time, would visit the park in a few days.