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Daboia - [B&M Invert] - NL2 Re-Master


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You can't say something doesn't flow till you see it in action Mit ;-). I might let you have a ride.


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After adding more foliage I decided it was looking a bit drab and dull so I've reverted back to the original plan. Now there's supports in I think I've made the right decision it's much more imposing and bold.

Am currently planning out the paths, queues and station for the ride area. There's a lot of terrain headaches to sort out! But watch this space.

Uncle Arly

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Wow, that looks lovely. I can imagine that being in a park.

The layout isn't the run of the mill invert, but not too far out as to where it becomes a fantasy ride.

I really love the look of this.


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Given the terrain a play with
The view from the brakerun

From inside the cobra-pit. I want the queue to go down here.


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The ride is ready for it's new cartextures

Here is the location of the waterfall, just waiting for some plumbing ;-). I won't be using objects in the same way The Red Dragon was done, I really don't think this layout needs it. It's pure unadulterated force, I really don't want to detract from the layout.

Uncle Arly

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That looks gorgeous. The dark sky environment really brings out the colours of the ride and makes it feel tropical.


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bob_3_ said:
I won't be using objects in the same way The Red Dragon was done, I really don't think this layout needs it. It's pure unadulterated force, I really don't want to detract from the layout.

LOL. You're just saying that cuz you cba to learn how to make objects :p


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It's hard =(

Everything i make looks pants. I can't texture them either and nothing online helps.


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The teaser for your viewing pleasure.

And from the video, the ride will be released on Sunday July 18th


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Themed to a deadly viper from India, responsible for the most deaths of any venomous snake. Experience riding on a twisted forcefull journey through the asian jungle.

Daboia is hindi for "that lies hid", or "the lurker", this ride hides it tricks in the thick foliage and attacks with it's high forces and intense direction changes, you never know what to expect.

Ride Design

My previous ride had it's design focus on the graceful, floaty side of B&M. This ride is for the lovers of the good old school force of the 90s inverts. Taking inspiration from Raptor, Silver Bullet, Pyrenees, Nemesis and Afterburn, this is not for the faint hearted. It utilates the terrain to make sure it never loose speed and the tight turns close the terrain and scenery can pull an excess of 4.5Gs.

Download Notes

-You need Track Packager to open this ride.

-This ride was created using Newton 2

-Please download the cartextures and put them in the cartextures folder before riding.
Texture 1 - http://www.mediafire.com/?94z62s4hd7i3148
Texture 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?8fcys1l08ok6b70

-The best environment for this ride is the Tropical Rush, by Hzgarfield, the ride can be downloaded here, http://www.coastercrazy.com/track_exchange/detail.asp?tid=16562.


Big thanks go to CrazyCoaster, Ed and Loefet for testing.

I dare you to try a backrow ride.

Please rate




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Simply stunning. The elements flowed really nicely. You managed to get the B&M 'flick' right in the wing over, that really showed from back row. The track was so smooth to the point I couldn't believe it was possible in NL. Really reminds me of Phaethon the way it cruses through elements. You captured the feel of how a B&M train rolls which I find amazing.

Highly recomend people to take a spin on this! 10/10 :)


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Copied and pasted from my rate on NL-exchange:

Technical : 9.00, Adrenaline : 9.10, Originality : 8.10, Average : 8.73

Fantastic coaster!

T - Very smooth, trackwork was excellent and supporting was also done very well. The shaping of everything was very true to B&M style, especially the zero-g.

A - Packed with adrenaline, lots of high forces combined with inversions and high speed turns resulted in a very thrilling coaster.

O - The setting and scenery were great, and the layout mixed quite a few fimilar elements, yet something unique to B&M inverts wouldn't have gone a miss here. Also, I felt that you could have done something more exciting with the turn after the cobra roll, as left turns got a bit repetitive. Still originality was quite high.

Overall, great ride keep up the high quality work, although I'd like to see you do something with a coaster type made by one of the smaller companies.


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I don't have long to write a review, but I thought I would do one, even if it was very short:

I really liked this. The trackwork was extremely smooth and the whole coaster flowed between elements very well. It felt like the ride had been properly thought through, with the interactions between the landscape, supports and other bits of track feeling very intense.

Great job, 9/10!


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Richard, I feel this is by far your best trackwork to date! It flowed extremely well between elements, and continuously kept up a very solid and good pace, as well as maintaining that B&M snap you get with inverts. The wingover I felt could have used a little big less banking going into it, but the snap over the top was absolutely perfect for a modern B&M. The cobra roll was built well, but I thought it was a tad on the wide side, maybe not.

The zero-g-roll I see a lot of people struggle with getting the forces correct for the correct shape- you seemed to have pulled it off no problem.

Supports were realistic, so I see no need to go into detail. I did feel that you needed some theming to stick with the ride name- even a simple station would have done. I'm not much one for just a track placed into X environment, and I like to see theming, no matter how small it is :)

Overall, a great, fantastic ride. 9.5/10


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Cheeky little POV for all you people without NL



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So I shared this design recently with the prospect of re-doing it in NL2 like I did with The Red Dragon almost 10 years to the day!. And I've had some members jump onboard and started revamping the supports, I've already got an uploaded logo and some area music and some station ideas... so watch this space =)