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Coasters & parks that mean a lot to you


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For coasters:

Steel Phantom - My original hyper and what I feel made me chase the heavy G inducing rides that I love to this day.

Vortex (KI) - A ride that will forever live down in infamy between my younger cousin and small group of friends because of my younger cousin. Wasnt a big fan of coasters at the time, but got all worked up over someone younger getting kn line while he was still visibly apprehensive about riding it. We get on it and during the first drop he screamed bloody murder in such a high pitch I couldnt stop laughing over it all. The cincer was when we hit the brake run and there is a moment of silence as we sit, a young girl behind us asks her mother who that young girl screaming was. Instant noteriety and we never let him live it down.

Twisted Colossus - My first ever RMC that I thought was going to be a guarenteed Walk of Shame. Hearong the ride ops calling out my car number about a not closed restraint and a fellow ride op telling me that it wasnt me made me cry while on the lift hill. Obviously the ride will forever hold a special place in my heart for that moment alone.

As for parks:

Geauga Lake/Six Flags Ohio/Worlds of Adventure - My OG Home park that my older cousin whom I share a birthday with, amd family, would constantly take me to! I honestly think my cousin alone took me to the park about 15 times a year and I will forever cherish those memories for her as I got a chance to watch the park evolve into the monster it became before its unfortunate demise :(. Plus all the stories of my own misadventures when the family would take me and I would take it upon myself to go ride a nearby ride while they were waiting in line for something mindane like food/beverages (I know, the animals!). The sheer impatience I have for not being on a coaster at a park has carried over well into my adulthood and, while not as bad as it once was, still somewhay holds true to this day (I can enjoy the ambience of a park now, but id rather be going towards the next ride rather than a food stall (I honestly have to remind myself to eat while at a park if I am by myself and not with others!)).

Cedar Point - 2 reasons for this park. When I went for the first time at 15 for my birthday with my sister and her friends (it was her birthday gift for me) after having asked YEARLY to go but never being able to as mom couldnt afford it for all of us to go. I still remember asking my sister where we were going as we passed the exit normally for Geauga Lake and she kept mum about it all! Suffice to say, I cried when I started seeing signs for the Point! The 2nd reason was when I got to take my boyfriend to the park for his first time ever! Seeing his reaction to the skyline while driving up to the park is something I will forever cherish (he thankfully loves amusement parks!)

Knotts Berry Farm - This is for simply the sheer RUSH of nostalgia the park gave me ad I was driving up to it! I knew it was next to the roads, bit I still thought it would be more like Knoebels/Hershey where the park is close, but you dont really get up against the rides like Geauga Lake/Kennywood. I dont think Ive ever driven so dangerously cause I couldnt stop gushing over how close to the park I was while in my car! I cried and then proceeded to pay for both my boyfriend and I to get into the park for half a day because while we were exhausted (hadnt slept for well over 36hrs at that point), my childish excitement brought forth an ungodly amount of excitement and energy for me to get to enjoy the rest of my day at a park that reminded me of my childhood! Easily the best park related purchase ive impulsively bought (Boyfriend had paid for the hotel that gave us next day entry for my birthday trip last year)!

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Ride - BTM Magic Kingdom - first rollercoaster I can remember going on at the age of five and was blown away by it. Fast forward 31 years later and I had the opportunity to take my two boys on it back in Feb and all those memories came flooding back.

Park - Epcot - Most children aren't meant to like this park but I was lucky enough to visit Florida five times growing up from the UK and every time I entered the big white golf ball it blew my mind. For me memories are a major part of life so when I approached the entrance back in Feb with my 5 year old on my shoulders I just started to tear up due to how emotional this place makes me feel and all the memories of being here with my parents and the special times we had.


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To say Cedar Point is an integral part to my life is an understatement. Too many life memories to count in every corner of that park.


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The RollerCoaster (now Nick Streak) BPB. It's sat in the shadow of the Nash and Dipper for most of its life, it's operated faultlessly, it doesn't grab headlines, yet up until the recent conversation into the Streak it maintained its classic nostalgic charm, it even ran without any form of lap restraint until 2006.

The new paint job, renovated station and new name has cost it's charm and capacity but the ride is still the same with the very wide range of guests it appeals to. It's tall enough to be considered a major ride (it's actually bigger than the Big Dipper) but gentle enough for those who can no longer take the other wooden coasters.

The way it was shelved in 2009/10 then brought back into service several times when the park got unexpectedly busy or other rides went down (or crashed) is a symbol of how reliable it actually is. Not many rides would sit festering for months then just start up on demand.

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Steel force sucked when I reorode it 2 weeks ago but it was my first big ride...

Kingda ka was my first intense coaster

Hydra was my first b&m

Millenium force is my first and only giga

Possessed was my first intamin

My only arrow is the runaway mine train at gadv

I had an almost dream like sundown ride on steel vengeance after waiting in a 190 minute queue I waited from 4 to 7 great way to experience your first rmc