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Best coaster lineup in terms of quality?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I was just scrolling through my spreadsheet of all my roller coasters ranked, and I have them all rated out of 10 on an overall spectrum, so I just discovered that Google Sheets did some very clever maths and gave me my average rating out of 10 per park amongst other things. For that reason, I thought it might be interesting to discuss; which parks do we feel have the best coaster lineup in terms of quality? Not necessarily quantity, but just the raw quality. In terms of what I've visited, have my average rating out of 10 for each park I've visited, which should dictate my personal views on which parks have the highest quality coaster lineups, along with how many credits I've ridden at each park for some context:
  • Alton Towers: 6.3/10 (10 ridden)
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 4.9/10 (10 ridden)
  • Busch Gardens Tampa: 8.4/10 (5 ridden)
  • Chessington World of Adventures: 3/10 (4 ridden)
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom: 3.333333333/10 (4 ridden)
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios: 7.5/10 (2 ridden)
  • Disney's Magic Kingdom: 5.5/10 (4 ridden)
  • Drayton Manor: 5/10 (4 ridden)
  • Fun Spot Kissimmee: 9/10 (1 ridden)
  • Legoland Windsor: 5/10 (1 ridden)
  • Oakwood Theme Park: 4.75/10 (4 ridden)
  • SeaWorld Orlando: 7.25/10 (4 ridden)
  • Thorpe Park: 5.714285714/10 (7 ridden)
  • Universal's Islands of Adventure: 4.75/10 (4 ridden incl. 2 defunct)
  • Universal Studios Florida: 7/10 (3 ridden)
So, my top 3 in terms of what I've ridden are:
  1. Fun Spot Kissimmee (though this one is debatable as I only rode 1 coaster there)
  2. Busch Gardens Tampa
  3. Disney's Hollywood Studios
In terms of worldwide, I'm not too sure.

But which parks do you guys feel have the best quality coaster lineups?

Matt N

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To be fair, I could definitely see SeaWorld Orlando out of what I've visited. Mako and Kraken are both brilliant B&Ms, in my opinion, and even though I wasn't quite as keen on Manta, it was still a good coaster, and I think that's more down to my personal intensity tolerance and not being a huge fan of pure, sustained positive G's, so someone with a higher tolerance would probably like it more.


Silver Dollar City could be considered.

A solid B&M in a stunning setting
Bizzare but great fun launched coaster
One of the top spinning coasters
A neato minetrain
****ing love that RMC
Something for the little ones and whores
A dark ride coaster with old school effects (could do with some work to help bring up the overall standard but still)


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I would probably say Phantasialand. The park really don't got any bad coaster apart from Temple of the Nighthawk which is meh, but not rough or bad in any manner. Black Mamba is the best invert out there, and Taron is widely considered on of the best launch coasters. Colorado Adventure is up there with Big Thunder Mountain as one of the best mine trains. And of course they got Winjas, which is bloody awesome! They don't do big rides, and they don't do many rides, but Phantasialand sure do some of the best rides in the world ?


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I promised an update on this one so here we are.
Still using the previous rule of minimum 4 creds per park and my average scores out of 20:

Liseberg - 13.17
Phantasialand - 12.28
Happy Valley Chongqing - 12.25
Motiongate - 11.8
Dollywood - 11.625
Efteling - 11.57
Happy Valley Wuhan* - 11.5
Parque Espana - 11.5
Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 11.38
Happy Valley Shanghai - 11.29

I have now disqualified parks that had convenient spites because it seems a bit unfair, though I should have left CGA in there to stir some reactions.

Happy to see Liseberg increasing their lead since last time with Valkyria being a big step up from Kanonen.
*I've left Happy Valley Wuhan in as an honorable mention again with its inconvenient spites. Already knowing Formule X and half the woodie it should be in 2nd place.
As soon as Efteling closes Bob they could also be in 2nd.


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Quantity: Cedar Point. The number of good rides there is unrivaled IMO. Yeah, some may not be GREAT, but in many cases, those rides alone at another park may make it a destination park (kind of like what happened with Voyage, Storm Chaser, etc). Valravn, Raptor, Gatekeeper, Maverick, Millennium Force, TTD, Magnum, Steel Vengeance.. all good rides which would be standouts elsewhere but simply blend in at CP.

Quality: SDC. Smaller number of creds but all range from good to great, whether they be unique or simply just amazing.


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I'd say that 2019 has cemented this as Walibi Holland for me. The only bad coaster in that park now is El Condor, and the other coasters are just such a great lineup:
•Untamed (RMC Iron Horse Hybrid)
•Goliath (Intamin Mega)
•Lost Gravity (Mack Big Dipper)
•Speed of Sound (the best Vekoma Boomerang operating)
•X-Press: Platform 13 (basically an outdoor Rock n Roller Coaster clone but Rock n Roller Coaster is a good ride so)