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2 Incidents at Movieland Park in one day


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I was expecting there to be a thread on this already but apparently not so here it is.

Apparently in the same day two incidents took place. One of the boats in the speedboat ride (manually driven by "stuntmen") capsized and part of the monorail collapsed. Apparently everyone in the boat was ok but people were injured in the monorail incident.

Tried to find some links but it has done the rounds on fb etc.

I know some people hate loopings but couldn't find that many photos. (credit obviously to loopings or whoever they got it from)

So yeah. Anyone who has been to the park will probably know how crazy it is. I did think the monorail looked a bit sketchy but wouldn't have expected this to actually happen! Obviously the boat incident is driver error and everyone was wearing life jackets but Movieland park is pretty unique in offering this experience free of charge at a theme park, probably due to the risk factor.

Not sure how this will affect the park at all, obviously hoping everyone is ok.