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Your ranking of best manufacturers and your favorite coaster from each one

Which manufacturer do you prefer?

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Roller Poster
Hi! Here's my Top 10 ranking of manufacturers and my favourite coaster:

1. Intamin: Velocicoaster (Universal IOA)
2. RMC: Iron Gwazi (BG Tampa)
3. B&M: Shambhala (PortAventura)
4. Mack: Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland)
5. Gerstlauer: Schwur des Kärnan (Hansa Park)
6. Vekoma: Abyssus (Energylandia)
7. GCI: Troy (Toverland)
8. Arrow: X2 (SFMM)
9. CCI: Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)
10. PTC: Phoenix (Knoebels)

What are your favorites? You can vote for only 3 options in the poll, but the ranking can be as long as you want. 😊

Rob Coasters

Hyper Poster
I don't rank manufacturers, but I know Mack Rides is my favourite, so I'll list them by most ridden to least ridden.

A golden manufacturer means that I personally believe I've ridden their best coaster. Obviously another ride of theirs might surprise me, but it's fun to speculate.

1. Vekoma (30): Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Park Paris
2. Unspecified (28): Grand National, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
3. Zierer (19): Lisebergbanan, Liseberg
4. Mack Rides (18): Ride to Happiness, Plopsaland De Panne
5. Pinfari (17): Crazy Loop, Brean Theme Park
6. Zamperla (16): Hero, Flamingo Land
7. Intamin (14): Piraten, Djurs Sommerland
7a. SBF Visa (14): Mad Mouse, Clarence Pier
8. Reverchon (12): Ice Mountain, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
9. Gerstlauer (11): Storm - The Dragon Legend, Tusenfryd
10. Bolliger & Mabillard (8): OzIris, Parc Asterix
10a. Guven Lunapark (8): Crazy Caterpillar, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

James F

Hyper Poster
1: Intamin (Hyperion)
2: Bolliger & Mabillard (Shambhala)
3: Rocky Mountain Construction (Zadra)
4: Mack Rides: (Helix)
5: Great Coasters International (Wodan)
6: Vekoma (Abyssus)
7: Gerstlauer (Schwur Des Kärnan)
8: Schwarzkopf (Nessie)
9: Custom Coasters International (Tonnerre 2 Zeus)
10: Arrow (Revolution)


Mega Poster
1. Intamin - Taron
2. Bolliger & Mabillard - Mako
3. Rocky Mountain Construction - Iron Gwazi
4. Vekoma - F.L.Y
5. Mack Rides - Lost Gravity
6. Gerstlauer - Saw The Ride
7. GCI - Wicker Man
8. Arrow - Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
9. Maurer - Winjas Fear
10. CCI - Stampida


Mega Poster
Arrow Dynamics - The Bat (Kings Island) chefs kiss
Bolliger & Mabillard - Shambhala
Custom Coasters International - Ghostrider
Gerstlauer - The Smiler
Great Coasters International - Wodan
Intamin - Taron/Maverick
Mack Rides - Icon
Maurer Rides - Crush’s Coaster
Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - Blue Streak (Cedar Point)
Premier Rides - Revenge of the Mummy
Rocky Mountain Construction - Steel Vengeance
Schwarzkopf - Olympia Looping
S&S Worldwide - All their coasters I’ve ridden have been hideous, so none.
Vekoma - Space Mountain (DLP)
Zamperla - Wild Mouse (Cedar Point)


Giga Poster
1. Intamin: Taron, Phantasialand
2. B&M: Shambhala, PortAventura
3. Vekoma: Colorado Adventure, Phantasialand
4. RMC: Untamed, Walibi Holland*
5. Schwarzkopf: Psyke Underground, Walibi Belgium
5. GCI: Troy, Toverland
6. Mack: Helix, Liseberg

I've ridden many other coasters from other manufacturers, but for me the above are the only ones I would care to rank.

*The only RMC I've done, so I'm rating based on what I've seen overall combined with my limited experience.

I've also factored in the wider impact each manufacturer has had on the industry, the number of notable coasters built, varying ride types on offer and overall quality (personal opinion as well as the general consensus to some extent).
Arrow: X2. Viper is a somewhat close second

B&M: Montu. I like positives, sue me. Intimadator, Mako, and Tatsu rank about 10 spots back for me

CCI: Ghostrider. It's the only CCI I've done, but it's an overall fun and long ride

GCI: Thunderhead. Kentucky Rumbler is a close, and very underrated second

Gravity Group: Mine Blower. Only one I've done, not as intense as people say, but just as rough

PTC: Woodstock Express Carowinds. It's the only one I've done, but has two really great airtime pops

Maurer: RIP Ride rockit. Underrated airtime, Grey out inducing positives, vicous lats, and very smooth

Schwarzkoph: Revolution. It's longer than Scorpion and Monty

Vekoma: Nighthawk. Intense, unique, smooth, overhated. Guardians is really good fun, but not intense

Premier: Ice Breaker. Great airtime almost on the level of an RMC. WCR is a close second due to the length

RMC: Lightningrod. It HAD a launch, and relentless airtime. IG and Colossus come up 1 and 3 spots behind it

Intamin: Velocicoaster. Hagrids is the better overall ride, but VC has a better layout

Mack: Copperhead. Great layout

Gerstluer: Hangtime is fun. That's it, just fun. Actually sort of intense. Light package

Giovinola: barely makes the list, but Goliath

Whoever built Hurler, I'm too lazy to look them up. They are irrelevant

Those are the only true thrill Manufacturers I can come up with.


Hyper Poster
I will skip over manufacturers where I just have a few (or none) credits on major coasters. If they don't offer major coasters, they aren't in the list either:

B/M: Shambala @ Portaventura
GCI: Wodan @ Europa-Park
Gerstlauer: Mystic @ Walibi Rhones - Alpes (Shoutout to Junker at Power Land in Finland, though)
Gravity Group: Wood Express @ Parc Saint-Paul
Intamin: Hyperion @ Energylandia
Mack: Helix @ Liseberg
RMC: Zadra @ Energylandia
Schwarzkopf: Olympia Looping - Barth (preferably with the longer trains used during Oktoberfest)
Vekoma: Lech Coaster @ Legendia

Dan Nguyen

Roller Poster
B&M - Fury 325 @ Carowinds
Intamin - Skyrush @ Hersheypark
GCI - Thunderhead @ Dollywood
RMC - Arie Force One @ Fun Spot Atlanta
Gravity Group - Ravine Flyer 2 @ Waldameer
Mack - Copperhead Strike @ Carowinds
Schwarzkopf - Mindbender @ Six Flags Over Georgia
Vekoma - Expedition Everest @ Disney's Animal Kingdom
Premier - Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Florida
Arrow - tie Loch Ness Monster @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Tennessee Tornado @ Dollywood
Gerstlauer - Mystery Mine @ Dollywood


Roller Poster
Intamin: Taron (Phantasialand)
RMC: Iron Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa) or Zadra (Energylandia)
B&M: Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
Mack: Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland de Panne)
Gerstlauer: Schwur des Kärnan (Hansa Park)
Vekoma: F.L.Y. (Phantasialand)
GCI: Wodan (Europa Park)
CCI: Tornerre 2 Zeus (Parc Asterix)
Premier - Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Florida)

Just like Trax said, I skipped some manufacturers.


Strata Poster
My favourite manufacturer at the moment is Intamin I'd say. I don't really rank manufacturers and can't rank them at the moment. What I'll do, however, is post the highest ranked coaster I have from a large, but not complete, list of manufacturers I've ridden:

ManufacturerCoasterOverall Rank
GerstlauerDer Schwur des Kärnan10
Philadelphia Toboggan CoastersPhoenix11
GCIJoris en de Draak14
Dynamic AttractionsMission Ferrari37
KumbaKVliegende Hollander43
MaurerWinjas Fear26
DH Morgan ManufacturingSteel Force64
SoquetGaz Express92
S&SJoker (SFGAd)96
ArrowRunaway Mine Train (SFGAd)104
ZiererPolar X-Plorer126
Gravity GroupWood Express141


Strata Poster
OK... so we all know B&M are actually the best manufacturer, but if we go off my spreadsheet - ignoring random manufacturers including British Rail who only appear once. I think my upcoming USA trip should fix the averages.

1. RMC - 8.5, based on 2 coasters, the best of which is Zadra
2. B&M - 7.8, based on 25 coasters, the best of which is Katun
3. GCI - 7.4, based on 7 coasters, the best of which is Wodan
4. Pax - 6.5, based on 2 coasters, the best of which is Wild Train
5. Schwarzkopf - 6.4, based on 11 coasters, the best of which is Psyke Underground
6. Valdemar Lebech (wtf?) - 6.3, based on 3 coasters, the best of which are both called Rutschebahnen
7. Intamin - 6.2 - based on 36 coasters, the best of which is Colossos
8. CCI - 6.0 - based on 5 coasters, the best of which is Tonnere de Zeus
9. Gerstlauer - 5.9 - based on 30 coasters, the best of which is Lynet
10. Charles Paige - 5.7 - based off 3 coasters, the best of which is Grand National

Yeah, doing this off stats is very flawed - Mack and Vekoma both suffering based on how much ****e they've both put their names to - if I carry on scrolling down, Vekoma are actually beaten by Soquet, Maurer and Premier, largely due to SLCs existing.