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2 - (and this may set the internet into meltdown) - The Navi river adventure is better than Avatar.
I thought the same.

Perhaps an even more unpopular opinion - I thought the whole Avatar area was a bit rubbish.

Like a lot of stuff Disney builds nowadays, I would describe the area as "looks pretty but boring".
Colossus is my favourite coaster at Thorpe x
I wouldn't rank it that highly but I would agree that it's a lot better than people give it credit for, just imagine what new trains could do! I'd definitely put it above Stealth and SAW though.

(2023 edit: Colossus isn't above SAW anymore, SAW's running much smoother this year)
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Banshee has an incredibly awkward layout, where the result is less than the sum of its parts. The individual elements are all very good, however they are plonked into the landscape with no cohesive idea other than being a "Best-of-Inversions"-collection. Especially the placement of the 2nd loop within the layout is bizarre and shows a lack of understanding for design language.

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Olympia Looping is overrated.

I appreciate it for what it is, a massive, multi-looping travelling rollercoaster, but beyond a bit of high G in the loops. It's very meh.

I feel like it's one of those rollercoasters which gets over-hyped because of the relative rarity in getting the credit.

I enjoyed it when I went on it first in 2016. But more recently in 2022, it genuinely felt Pinfari like. Drop, Loop, Slow Helix. It was uncomfortable as well.
Alright guys, I've got a new one.

Flying Fish has the best sit-down trains on any coaster at Thorpe Park.

I'm not going to bother talking about Inferno or Swarm's trains as you can't really compare invert or wing trains to a traditional sitdown. However, completely ignoring the coaster itself, FF definitely has the best sit-down trains at Thorpe. Here's why:
  • They have adequate leg room
  • They have the best restraints (Yes, FF's lapbars are better than TWD's)
  • They have the best capacity per train (38 riders which is at least 10 more than any other train capacity at Thorpe)
  • They have the most comfortable seats
  • They look like a big, cheery goldfish
Ok, maybe not that last one but I think I've gotten my point across...

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The Curse at Alton Manor is overhyped. While it has some nice effects, the use of screens in there feel very unnecessary which removed some really impressive props.

The story is WAY too dark and serious for a family attraction personally, it's about a little girl named Emily Alton being neglected by her parents over the years as they celebrate and have parties with House guests, while Emily is left on the attic by herself. Wanting to be invited, she asked her father, who discreetly replied "No you may not, now get you your room you wretched little creature!" With this, Emily frustratingly does so, and on that night, a spirit of Evil possess her, giving her dark supernatural power, this causes her to kill her parents and the house guests. After a century, the abandoned house is reopened to guests, and The spirit of Emily now possess the house.

The props aren't as good as they were on Duel or The original Haunted House. It's just the same type of creature every time, either being Emily alton herself, Dolls, and some spiders. A bit lackluster personally.

The lighting is good though, I'll give it that. The blasters are gone, which is nice, but quite a bit of the scenery has been heavily altered for the new ride aren't as good as they were in Duel, especially the Garden, which is just very cluttered with oversized props for no reason, even though we havent been shrunk down yet by Emily, so why are the props made to look like were small?

People may be calling it the UK best dark ride, but I personally disagree, its a definite top 10 though, but there isn't much competition in that.


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Skyrush is kinda overrated honestly. The airtime was good, but not great, and it also wasn't as intense as I was expecting.

I'd put it top 20 or top 15, but not higher than 10

(Note: I also only got one ride in row 4, was very busy when I went, more details later)

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Skyrush is kinda overrated
I also only got one ride in row 4

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Nobody ever talks about Smiler's back to back dive loops. These are quite intense and I just like the way you move when going through them. I wish there were more dive loops in the UK as these are in my opinion the best part of the Smiler, even above its airtime hills.


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Velocicoaster's trains look bulky and weird. I'm sure they're very comfortable as a ride vehicle but from visuals alone I kind of hate them.
Oh I can feel this, especially to my initial reaction back in November on how the light package threw off night rides:
VelociCoaster Night Ride
After working around the park's ride, we ended up back at VelociCoaster for two night rides. In general, great experience; not as "wow" inducing as other night rides (I blame the fact there is SO MUCH light from other nearby attractions), but still a super fun experience. And the light package on the train is truly breathtaking. But, a downside to the blue-glow of the trains is lightcast on the cars in front of you. In this way, you don't get a true "dark" ride at night, but rather a lot of different colored lights playing between the train and other uplight features - still a fun experience!


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Kings Island is my least fav CF park.

All of their coasters have a really annoying flaw which leaves me pretty unsatisfied. Orion is rattly and the elements besides the first drop don't hit. Mystic Timbers feels repetitive and unsatisfying and the GCI lap bars don't let you get much airtime, and the shed is lame. Diamondback has a rattle and a boring layout, and those long trains cause major slow downs on the ascents which I don't like. Banshee is repetitive and rough and has vests. Racer is uneventful and rough. Backlot trains are really uncomfortable bashing into the sides in the dark section. Bat and FoF were closed on my visit.

The ambiance feels stiff and corporate. A few rides like Beast and Adventure Express have cool vibes but the rest feel like they're trying to fabricate some lore about nothing. The midways are too wide and the bathrooms are too far apart. Most of the food is bad. It can also get really crowded. The only thing I'll take any day are the ops.

I'd have more fun at any of the other CF parks that I've been to. Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Kings Dominion, Dorney, and Knott's are all a definitively more enjoyable experience. I'd argue Michigan's and Carowinds can make a better day because of Shivering Timbers and Carowinds' top 4.


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I've come to a controversial one, I think Heidi the Ride is better than Wicker Man. Okay, not better, but less overhyped and less disappointing.

Now, most of of this is down to the marketing I think, Heidi doesn't pretend to be anything but a family coaster. Wicker Man pretends to be the next big thing when it's really an average woodie. Don't get me wrong, Wicker Man is a lot of fun but it's not as good as it's hyped up to be, and I think if it wasn't so hyped up I'd have a better opinion of it. Heidi is just sort of 'there' doing its own thing, and it's fun. I've also never been able to queue for less than an hour for Wicker Man, which unfortunately always dampens an experience for me. If I am going to queue that long I want something world beating at the end of it.

Heidi may be a 'lesser' coaster but at least I've never queued more than 5 minutes for it.

Edit: Actually, on paper they're both very comparable rides with Wicker Man coming in slightly longer and Heidi coming in at a tiny bit faster. Heidi is a near-clone (though entirely in wood) of White Lightning, I never knew that either. Suddenly my post feels somewhat less ridiculous to me. So yeah, I think it's the better ride o_O
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