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Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?


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Well... yeah, I mean... sort of. You know sometimes when you get that perfect ride? That once in a blue moon kinda thing where everything comes together beautifully to create that one, exquisite, sublime moment that can seldom be replicated?
Spiritual enlightenment? Perhaps not...
With that description, perhaps it is. At least enough to get off and tell the nearest hot dog vendor, “Make me one with everything.” 😝

Anyway, weirdest zen ride I ever had was on Verbolten. Just a very odd coaster to experience solo.


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Only time I recall this happening (save for coasters with tiny cars like your average Wild Mouse or Gerstlauer Bobsled) was when I was the only person in the boat on Atlantica Supersplash. It was 10 in the morning in early June and the back end of Europa-Park was virtually dead save for a few people queueing up to Wodan and Blue Fire. They had like four boats running the course and at least two of them ran empty constantly. Given the massive crowds it saw just hours later, riding it all by myself in the morning was kinda surreal.

Rob Coasters

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Apart from the obvious one car train coasters...

-Rage (also LROTN)
-Güven Runaway Train, Brooklands Fair
-Single Helix Runaway Train, Brooklands Fair
-Big Apple, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
-Crazy Caterpillar, Wonderland Lakeside
-Shrek, Watford Fair
-Ocean Coaster, Harbour Park Amusements
-Go Gator, Funland Theme Park

Admittedly the portfolio is a little less impressive than I originally thought.
-Rocky Roller Coaster, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park
-Queen Bee, Bottons Pleasure Beach
-Crocodile Coaster, Oakwood Theme Park
-Speed, Oakwood Theme Park
-Nessi, Coney Beach Porthcawl
-Wacky Worm, Coney Beach Porthcawl
-Dragon Challenge, Barry Island Pleasure Park

I've also had a zen ride on some large flats:
-Dragons Claw, Adventure Island
-XXL, The Beach at Brent Cross
-Freak Out, funfair in Margate


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Outlaw Run. It was after the park closed and I was invited by the park to stay on. The RMC guys were doing something or another to it and I just sat on the back seat, train to myself, as they let it whizz round.

Such a weird experience because I found myself yelling and raising arms in excitement. I always thought those attributes were something only done with others, almost like showing your fellow riders you’re loving it. But no, genuine joy took over and I loved it. Of course when I returned to the station, I was sat calm and expressionless.

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Hyper Coaster @ the Land of Legends. Surreal experience having a 60m tall Mack Hyper all to myself. Still a majestic ride despite the lesser train weight.

Superman the Ride @ SFNE. Visit on a rainy Monday in November = walk on rides on what is still a top notch Intamin to my eyes.

Lech Coaster @ Legendia.