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When did your coaster count overtake your age?


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Last year, after I visited Cedar Point for the first time and then Kennywood for the first time in many years.


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I think about 9 or 10? I always had a fascination for them even before I was tall enough for the 1.4's in the UK. So as soon as I was tall enough I did Alton Thorpe and BPB. I did my first ones in the order of Nemesis, Air, Rita and Oblivion. I tried for oblivion first but I was deemed just under height. My dad put some tissues in my shoes to try increase my height. Whether that's the reason I was tall enough for nemmy after that, I am unsure.

Matt N

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After having recently worked out my full pre-enthusiast park visiting history, I've ascertained that my coaster count overtook my age when I rode coaster #8 at age 7. This was Treetops at Oakwood Theme Park on 24th August 2010. My count has kept ahead of my age ever since, and seeing as I'm now on 102 at age 20, it's going to stay that way unless I live to a remarkable age and never ride a single new coaster again (which is phenomenally unlikely!).

My park count overtook my age when I visited park #10 at age 9. This was Universal's Islands of Adventure on 29th August 2012. My count has kept ahead of my age ever since as far as I can tell, but seeing as I'm currently on 22 at age 20, it's plausible that my age could overtake again if I drop the ball in terms of visiting new parks for a couple of years.