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Universal's Epic Universe Announced! New Orlando Resort!


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That theory mayyyyy be true... 👀

There are other things that have been done to symbolise other developments that can be made out, too ;)


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Nice to see some more details from these documents going online. Two Gerst sky flys is a very interesting choice, even with 2 the capacity for such a big park is going to be poor. Still, should look cool, especially if they're timed to go round at the same time, will also help give the area some life.

Coaster layout looks odd, will certainly be interesting. Despite not really loving flying theatres the new concept sounds really good. Shocked at how huge the theatre is and although Orlando Parkstop think it could house a smaller version of the arena show that seems very ambitious for a regular theme park show.
Site plans for Classic Monsters have been released
Alicia Stella is reporting that the main attraction which was rumored to be a KUKA arm system like Forbidden Journey at IOA will be an updated model which runs on roller coaster track (as seen bellow), allowing the thrill level of the attraction to be higher.