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TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023


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Testing has kinda begun, train is just shuffling on the launch track for now;


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They didn't announce the name when they announced the coaster first time.
They kind of did. It's clearly shown the concept art you posted🙃😆



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Let's just say that TusenFryd isn't particularly good at coordinating their announcements. It's completely in character for them to release concept art showing the name, then pretend the name wasn't revealed for months after that, then make a huge fuss out of announcing the name at a later date.

For a concrete example, look no further than this thread. The blueprints for the coaster were published in a local newspaper quite early, while the social media team have been all "What new attraction? But stay tuned for big news ..." for a couple of years as if that never happened.
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This honestly looks pretty fun and fast, the airtime on the hill looks like it'll be decent. The squeeling noise is a little concerning, is it rubbing? Hopefully this'll reduce after more testing