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Tripsdrill | New Vekoma Coaster? | 2025(?)


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So the German theme park scene has been buzzing lately over a new Vekoma coaster potentially coming to Tripsdrill, set to take up the plot of land behind Mammut. This started last week when Benjamin Fischer, of the Fischer family that owns and operates Tripsdrill, posted an instagram image showing construction happening on that site, with the emojis hinting at a new ride(s) being built.


Fischer also posted what appears to be track rails fresh out of manufacturing:


And this past weekeend, Tripsdriller2020 on Youtube posted this video of the hill behind Mammut in the process of being flattened, meaning something is definitely happening to that site:

As for how this could link to Vekoma, Fischer was apparently present at a Vekoma Park Executive summit held last week:


While only tangential evidence, it’s not unreasonable to assume the park would approach Vekoma again for a new project, given the 2020 duo appear to have been successful for the park.

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Peter Immelmann

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If you don't like it then don't ride it. I want to if I ever get over there. Looks intriguing
It actually looks way more exciting than it rides. Personally I'd wish they would RMC it. It would have great potential. But I don't think this would ever happen. Though not overly exciting the ride is reasonably smooth and still quite popular.

Peter Immelmann

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Have been at Tripsdrill last Friday. No further progress on site so far. But I've added two pictures of the cleared area (without the hedge obstructing the view).

BTW, that day, I saw Mammut being down for some time with people standing on top of the lift-hill. First thought it was a techincal problem. However, later it ran several times with just a handfull of people on it trying different rows it seemed, while one guy was still standing on the catwalk at the top of the hill. I was a bit too far away to see what's really going on (trapped in the line of Gsenkte Sau at that point). When I approached Mammut 45mins later, it was running normally. Seemed to be a bit unusual for just fixing a techincal problem.