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Ride Related Dreams You've Had


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Why can’t life be as good as @Matt N’s dreams.

The big axe moment was my favourite. Also liked it when your mum had a banging poo into a river.

Lori Marie Loud

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My mum, completely unprovoked, suddenly did the most spectacular u-turn you’ve ever seen in the middle of this busy motorway, put her foot down like mad, and started driving in the direction of the Gardaland road signs. My dad and older sister, for completely inexplicable reasons, suddenly flew out of the car through some sort of ejector seat mechanism. I looked at my mum, concerned that my dad and older sibling had randomly disappeared from the car, but she didn’t look fazed at all; she said “F*** ‘em; we’ll come back for them later”. At this point, she suddenly started driving like a rally driver; the speedometer was at well over 100mph, she was weaving in and out of traffic, weaving between lanes, she was jumping over cars… this was some insane driving, particularly given that my mum is a very safe driver in real life! I asked her why she had suddenly changed tack and started driving crazily, and she said “Son, you and I need to go to Gardaland together!”. We then continued to speed down the road together in what was by far the most insane piece of driving I’ve ever experienced… it was spectacular, but insane!

We eventually arrived at Gardaland and got out of the car… but not before she sped into the car park and did a load of donuts around it, still travelling solidly over 100mph. She then stopped rapidly with a perfectly executed handbrake turn, and we got out of the car right outside the entrance. None of the Gardaland staff even batted an eyelid at the fact my mum had just sped into the car park, drove at an insane speed round it or had parked somewhere that definitely wasn’t a parking space, so we had a speedy and efficient entry process.
Garda Theft Auto.
Eventually, we found the special toilet… it was in this Tudor house, and we had to walk up a tiny ladder and crawl through these tiny spaces to use it. She used it and walked out saying “10/10; totally lived up to the hype! I’m happy we came to this park just for that!”. Then I went in… and it was like one of those Medieval toilets you see in old castles, where it basically consists of a hole that drops directly into a river.
Annnd I'm dead. See you in the afterlife! 🤣


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Here the first impressions of "Mega-Thriller" which in part I saw having a coaster dream. As soon as its "ready to go" I'll upload it it to Steam and post in in the PlaCo section.


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Rob Coasters

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I went to Oakwood with one of my old friends (we'll call him Sam, a fake name).

We wanted to cred run the park and save Megafobia for last, so we started in a large flat empty field with grass mowed shockingly low and straight concrete slab paths forming very large square outlines. There were two monstrous rectangular buildings on either side of one of the paths, so close together that you could touch the side of the building while standing on the path. The buildings were some 170ft tall, and over 200ft wide.

One of these buildings housed the first cred, which was a Maurer spinner called 'Crush's Coaster'. We entered the building and appeared right outside the station. The inside of the building was yellow and orange with a very steep spiral staircase and red nets supported by green pillars. We got onto the car, and I said "Sam do you want to spin the car hard by sitting on the back?" I sat in the front, and Sam sat also in the front. Guessing that was a no.

The train dispatched and we were back standing outside the buildings. We enjoyed the spinner so much we did it again, and to my complete shock the inside of the building was exactly the same as before, but we only stood in the queue for around a second before we declared "we need to cred run before we get back on this" and went into the second giant rectangular building, which was a Schwarzkopf Wildcat called Raptor Attack.

I rode this in my dream, and resembled a giant E&F Miler (think Prairie Screamer) far more than a Schwarzkopf. Neither of us had an opinion on the ride. The track was dark green with black supports, and it was very dark inside.

We looked at the clock and there were 'only' two hours left to ride Megafobia. We both got highly concerned, and the dream ended.

This is my second Oakwood dream now where it ends right before I get the chance to ride Megafobia.


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Last night I had a quite obscure coaster dream. It was about an antique wooden coaster which was quite small and got re-opened with a small timberliner train. The coaster mostly only did one figure eight and thats it.

Rob Coasters

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For the third time I had an Oakwood dream.

It had Thorpe Park's flat ride lineup, but I most remember seeing Samurai & Zodiac, which was called 'Enterprise'. The park also had some variant of a Breakdance with black cars.

There was a very, very small river that ran through the right hand side of the park in a small but steep ditch, with occasional flat bridges with no rails to cross it. You can cross the river to find an area of the park with three dark rides all right next to each other, with funfair-esque façades.

I was visiting with my parents and we first decided to try out the leftmost of the three, CandyLand. It had a switchback queue that went into the actual dark ride portions and also went under the ride (the track was on an elevated platform) and I was called up as I was a "single rider" despite me being with my parents. So I rode CandyLand. The cars looked like upright seashells with a stripy red and white colour scheme, seated four people, and had restraints similar to those on a Zamperla Spinning Mouse. The ride had a spinning tunnel, you could see the HUUUUGE queue from the ride, and I saw my parents walking forward through the queue.

I got off CandyLand and decided I wanted to do Enterprise, but however I wanted to know what was inside the middle dark ride, Ghost Train, so I did that instead. Yes, I ended up ditching my parents.

Ghost Train was walk-on while CandyLand had a full queue. I entered the car for Ghost Train and the car pushes a door open. It messes around for a bit before throwing itself into a men's bathroom, the car stopping, and the restraints unlocking. Without even questioning it I walk into one of the cubicles, start to lift up one of the toilet lids, then back out of the cubicle. I then walk back in it, start to lift up the toilet lid, and the dream ends.

I never knew what the rightmost dark ride was, sadly.

Here's a Top down view of the park:
-The green is trees
-It was covered in grass, imagine the white background is just grass
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I was at a Chinese theme park near the side of a seaside cliff at the top (picture Ocean Park with a much steeper and rockier dropoff into the ocean). Inside was a yellow compact kiddie coaster with Togo track, and to the right of it was Matugani a few metres below in elevation. Matugani was closed so I rode the kiddie coaster.

The ride had a powered 180° incline to the right before it went through the course. On the second circuit, in the middle of the 180° incline I find out that the ride has a switchtrack and I get genuine fear for my life as the ride takes the alternate course, significantly rattling as it goes across the switchtrack. Soon after I'm back in the station and I get off.

With Matugani spiting I walk through a clown's mouth (picture the Big Top clown) into the other half of the park which is a large flat field with some small rides. A staff member stops me to take my photo. Behind me is a small stage with red curtains behind it. I completely ignore the staff member, by standing like a statue and making direct eye contact with them.

At this point I felt like I was in complete control of my dream, and I decided to continue staring. The staff member didn't react either, and eventually I walked back through the clown mouth back into the first half of the park where a custom layout SBF spinner spawned that intertwines with Matugani.

The end.

Rob Coasters

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Triple post!!!!!!!! But I promise this is a good one.

I'm out cred-running in the early morning for a kiddie coaster mop-up in Birmingham when suddenly I find myself at a station called 'Victoria New Street' on the way there, and I realise this place is directly next to Skegness which also has two coasters I need to pick up - Rockin Roller at Bottons Pleasure Beach, and an SBF figure eight spinner. The train station is in a very modern and futuristic building with a black roof and blue LEDs. The floor is a mix of 50% concrete and 50% '90s cinema rug' as I walk through an arcade for ride tokens. I start the detour in Bottons where I find myself queuing for the park's Wacky Worm (which was to the right of Rockin Roller instead of to the left), and I start having doubts on whether or not I have this cred already. So I'm sat in the front seat when suddenly, "I've ridden this!", so I get off and push past the people queuing, and beeline it to Rockin Roller. Unfortunately there was a bin in front of the entire side of the park that had Rockin Roller, so spite again.

So I walk back into the massive building that housed the SBF spinner and find a change machine for tokens. I walk past it and stumble across a Sizzler, the operator tries convincing me to get on but I don't. I want to ride the SBF spinner. Eventually I find a small switchback queue and find out that the ride costs eight 'tokens'. I'm very upset with the cost, and try handing a £10 note to the operator. The operator tells me "you know you can just give me the tokens right?" so I find a token dispenser conveniently in the queue and get the tokens. Then I'm in.

You walk through a door and through a dark hallway before everything lights up, and I find myself on some steel grey escalators heading upwards. At the top is a huge and spacious atrium. Looking through the top window it's bright and sunny, and I find myself with the operator again and a group of people. Without explanation we fall forwards violently and teleport into a Minecraft cave illuminated by lava, before teleporting back into the mega-atrium. The weather changes into dark and stormy. I look around to see not just an SBF spinner, but several other coasters, including but not limited to an oval Runaway Train and 'Miao Coaster' from Etnaland (an SBF twin helix coaster).

We lose control of our bodies as we chase the operator who breaks through a window as we start falling again, this time forwards instead of backwards, looking to splat on a concrete rooftop. Suddenly, seconds before impact, we teleport onto another rooftop, miserable weather continuing. I'm used to the falling now so the third fall, which was backwards off that rooftop, did nothing for me. At this point I'm thinking "this is why it was eight tokens", and then I'm back in the futuristic building next to the arcade and Sizzler like nothing happened.

I decide that I'm done in Skegness now, but I can't find Victoria New Street Station. I found Skegness Station, and discovered New Birmingham Station, but not the one I was looking for. I surrendered and paid for a new ticket from Skegness Station to normal Birmingham, and the dream was over.

Lori Marie Loud

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So last night I had a dream that was a YouTube documentary all about DCA, except it was all wonky. In particular, there was a Spongebob boat ride that ended in the Thrill Lift element from the Tilt Coaster in RCT3. There was also an area with a theater that had been put up in what used to be an alleyway. Then me and a few other people roleplayed ourselves as the themed areas (sorta reenacting the age of the Roman Empire) but someone was the Aland Islands and took us all over. The end.

Rob Coasters

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So yesterday I planned a potential trip to Bellewaerde so I can nab the Keverbaan cred before it closes after the first week of November. After relatively unsuccessfully searching for the best public transport route (coaches, trains, buses, you name it) I fell asleep a couple hours later...

Dream commence. I'm going to Bellewaerde with my mum by getting an under-the-ocean train from London Victoria, then changing trains while still underground for a further ten minute ride to my destination. At the destination we resurfaced into a highly developed city that went by the name 'Berlin' (no references to real cities here, trust) and had to catch a bus that went directly to the park.

At "Bellewaerde" it was a dense forest park with asphalt paths and an aggressively maintained lawn. We opted to turn right first where we walked straight past Keverbaan (which resembled a twin helix dragon more than a tivoli) and onto the Boomerang.

Boomerang started with a backwards lift, which then released, sending the train forwards through the station into a cobra roll. After the cobra roll the ride makes a sharp 180° turn while twisting upwards, then mildly levels out, then gets steeper again as the train loses momentum to do it all again backwards. I never rode Boomerang in my dream, but I put in my notepad that I indeed rode it.

We continued walking to the top of the hill where we find that my dad and my brother had also joined me on my trip. The hilltop had a second bus station and road. We walked back down to the bottom of the hill where I 'rode' Boomerang again. My brother and my dad both decided that "we're" done for the day, and that I was going on no more rides. They invited themselves onto my trip, and think they can end it. I was having none of it, and eventually I got myself onto 'Keverbaan', remember it's actually a twin helix dragon.

When I got off I knew I still had the other coasters to do, but my family was suddenly nowhere to be seen. Sacrificing the creds I walked out of the park and now the train station I needed was directly outside. The train station had two main rooms: a 'Skater room' (which was the locker room) and the timetable room. It was 1pm and the timetable wasn't showing London Victoria for as far away as 11pm, so with some time to kill I walk into the city of Fake Berlin.

I find that Fake Berlin is a coastal town with a concrete/wood hybrid pier so I walk across it. I spot some castles so I take photos to show to others, when an old lady bumps into me and starts speaking to me in the Belgian language. I laugh it off as I don't understand a word and continue back to the train station. I'm sick of waiting and I don't want to pay for a new ticket as "they'll be expensive". My mum has the original tickets I used to get here, and I don't. So what I do is hop onto *a* train without a ticket, with no clue on where it'll take me. I try to contact my mum to send me the tickets, but since we're now underground there is no phone signal.

Destination unknown, dream over.

Rob Coasters

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Had a CoasterForce dream about a thread that was basically "what shoe/fashion brand best describes a coaster?" and it was basically comparing coasters to the design styles & reputations of companies like Nike, Balenciaga, Reebok, Lacoste etc. and people were typing extremely detailed descriptions on why they think that coaster best represents them.

One user posted about 7 coaster-brand comparison in one post and it got 9 likes, and in such a short time the thread had generated three pages of discussion proving to be massively popular.

Lori Marie Loud

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Had a CoasterForce dream about a thread that was basically "what shoe/fashion brand best describes a coaster?" and it was basically comparing coasters to the design styles & reputations of companies like Nike, Balenciaga, Reebok, Lacoste etc. and people were typing extremely detailed descriptions on why they think that coaster best represents them.

One user posted about 7 coaster-brand comparison in one post and it got 9 likes, and in such a short time the thread had generated three pages of discussion proving to be massively popular.
Ayo found the next thread I'm going to make

Rob Coasters

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Spinning Racer made its way back into my dreams where this time I was at Adventure Island. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it at the park, though it did replace Green Scream. I was with some friends who wanted to start the day on the Tidal Wave tube slides, but I made a point to start on Spinning Racer instead to secure the ride into my count. They accepted. Ignoring the lift hill of Steel Vengeance behind the tube slides, I make my way to a small octagon-shaped yellow ticket booth with multiple windows, bought tokens for Spinning Racer, then saw it running with riders.



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After I rode Taron for the first time (in the dark on a winters night) the other week, I dreamed about it for 2 nights in a row.

Can’t tell you what happened in the dreams, but they were brilliant

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Matt N

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I forgot to mention that I had another theme park dream not that long ago... it wasn't nearly as much of an acid trip as some of my previous ones, but it was still interesting!

Basically, my dad and I were riding Nemesis at Alton Towers together. Everything was fine and dandy to begin with, but the ride stalled on the overbank after the loop and began rolling back. The train rolled back and forth as rides typically do when they stall... but bizarrely, it didn't lose any momentum whatsoever. It just kept rolling back and forth to the same height at each end, ad infinitum.

What was really weird, however, was the way in which the ride staff proposed getting us off the ride. Their approach to safety was phenomenally lax compared to real life... my dad and I were casually encouraged to unbuckle our seatbelts, lift up our OTSRs, and try to jump off the train! The park's thinking behind this was that because the overbank went over the queue (the queue was a little further right than it is in real life, and a small part of the entry into the overbank went over it), we'd land straight back into the queue for another ride if we managed to time our jumps correctly...

Me and my dad couldn't bring ourselves to jump, though, and the ride staff got increasingly angry with us, shouting things like "COME ON, DO IT FOR YOUR DAD!". The most bizarre part, however, is that Keith Allen from the 1990s Blackpool Pleasure Beach documentary then turned up and started shouting at us. I distinctly remember him saying "IF YOU DON'T JUMP OFF THE RIDE THIS SECOND, I'LL BASH YOUR HEAD IN!", similar to what he said to a child driving a Grand Prix car in the real documentary (albeit he was shouting at them for driving the car too slowly in real life)...

It wasn't quite as much of an acid trip as some of the previous ones, but it was still a strange dream, for sure...