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Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021


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Wow. This is big, and for those of us waiting on tenterhooks to see what their next steps would be, I guess we've got to wait even longer.

Gutted for them, their a small, family park doing amazing things with what they have and I was desperately looking forward to taking my niece again this year. Still, I guess she may be tall enough for Storm Chaser come the 2021 season.
It is such a shame, however these measures are actually very good and well taken by the park, because it means when the situation calms down, by 2021, we'll have the most passionate, most joyous and most amazing theme park season in human history. So many 2020 and 2021 attractions open and families and teenage thrill seekers enjoying themselves and on the rebuild of humanity. It is unfortunate that 2020 isn't the opening year, but... Onwards and upwards from here


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It's devastating news, but I can't say I'm really surprised.

The area is still 1-2 months work to be completed; considering they were relying completely on European contractors to do all of the work, and they still need to get Mack on site to test the new coaster. With international travel looking pretty much banned until September at the earliest, the area wouldn't be complete until October-november time at the earliest and then the main season would be completely gone to open the new area. So it makes sense to push back to easter 2021.

Obviously, we don't know when international travel will be reinstated again, but as long as it's by early 2021 they should have the area ready in time for easter. Of course, we don't even know yet whether the park will be able to open this season.

Nicky Borrill

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It’s a shame as they clearly have poured their heart into this project and everything from the marketing up has been first class. But they don’t really have much choice. If they can’t work on the site, then even if they do reopen the park this year, it won’t be worth opening it for a month or two. I really hope small independent parks like this survive the turmoil.


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So glad I got see it earlier in the year but dam, I’m gonna have to wait a year for my 300th coaster ☹️

it’s sad to have seen how much time and effort they put in the new land just to have it sit there doing nothing till next year, but they have made the right decision to hold off.


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The POV highlights quite how much work there is left to do. Queues have no fencing or planting, the ride isn't fenced off, the land still has whole areas left to landscape.

I have no doubts that this would have been done by now if not for COVID, it really shows what they couldn't get done. Also, am I right in saying MACK have not yet been able to come over and test SC?