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Most insane coaster:

What is the most insane coaster in the world(in terms of fear and other crap that scares GP)

  • X2

  • Eejanieka

  • Cannibal

  • Karnan

  • Tatsu

  • Yukon Stiker

  • Iron Gwazi / Zadra

  • Smiler

  • Kingda Ka (TT2 should be lumped in)

  • El Toro

  • Steel Veagence

  • Intimidator 305

  • Fury 325

  • Gravity Max

  • Phoenix / Coaster PNE Playland

  • 4D free spin

  • Ride to Happiness

  • Wood Coaster (knight valley)

  • Xcelerator

  • Dodompa

  • Takabisha / TMNT shellraiser

  • Formula Rossa

  • Skyrush

  • Flying Aces

  • Maxx Force

  • Montu / Banshee / Alpengiest

  • Flying Dinosaur

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Mega Poster
I feel like the question is misleading. Do you mean the most insane, so the craziest coaster, or the scariest? Because a crazy ride does not need to freak out GP upon sight, a scary ride has to by definition.

BTW the most insane/craziest one is Tornado at Bakken. And it’s likely not even close.


Mega Poster
To the public, I'd say there are a few top contenders:
- Eejanaika. This looks bonkers off-ride and I'm sure it's just as crazy on-ride.
- Kingda Ka. Tallest coaster in the world (currently), of course it's going to scare the general public!
- The Smiler. Whilst the record-breaking number of inversions is probably a good factor of what would make people intimidated by this ride, I still feel like the accident that occurred in 2015 is the true reason why guests might feel a bit uneasy going on this.
- Any of the 200ft+ RMCs could make this list. I can imagine that giant wooden structures with metal track throwing you in all directions is a big scare for the general public.

To enthusiasts:
-Eejanaika. Yeah, I think this one probably looks bonkers to everyone.
-Intimidator 305. The main thing I hear people talking about in regards to this coaster is how often they've greyed/blacked out after the first drop. I'd definitely feel intimidated before going on this one.
-As mentioned above, Tornado. It looks absolutely insane, but that wouldn't stop me wanting to ride it in 'boost mode'.