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Kanonen finds new life


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So, now that Lost Island has declined to build Kanonen, where do you think it might be headed?
This topic was discussed to exhaustion earlier this year. As far as I know, no new information has surfaced since then. Why did you think a thread bump would be a good idea?


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Also, since when was looking for updates or reigniting discussions spamming?

New name, same retard.
If you're after an argument or some **** you want to discuss, PM me. I'd rather do that than trash the forums.

I was actually just backing @Pokemaniac's point about the way Cranedude behaves on this site.

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There is now a ten inversion coaster on interlink
Did you post this in the wrong thread? As Kanonen is an Accelerator Coaster, not a ten inversion coaster.

But thank you very much for the info! Very interesting... wonder which 10 inversion coaster it is?

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My guess Guess is this one. It seems that the Malaysians also got tired of Hopi Hari's bull:emoji_poop:. Perhaps @roomraider knows something more about the subject?

Oh! That ride could potentially already be going to its third location without having operated? That's crazy! I reckon that might be a good guess, though, as I can't think of any other 10 loopers going spare at the moment.


My guess Guess is this one. It seems that the Malaysians also got tired of Hopi Hari's bull:emoji_poop:. Perhaps @roomraider knows something more about the subject?

Indeed he does.
'This coaster is an enigma at the moment. Due to a LOT of court cases around the ride. At least some of the ride is in Malaysia at Movie Animation Parks Studio as can be seen here

But from what I have heard not all of the ride made it as a court injunction in Brazil stopped the rest shipping due to contested ownership.
Its something like Hopi Hari bought the ride with some money provided by a local Shopping center. The ride would have helped advertise the shopping center. When Hopi Hari couldnt afford to build the ride the owner of the shopping center sued for ownership of the ride and won. Hopi hari then contested it and got the decision reversed. They then tried to sell it to MAPS in malaysia but the owner of the shopping center sued and the shipping of the ride was never completed.

Thats probably fairly inaccurate but its the best I have managed to put together.
Either way its a big mess and no one really seems to know whats going on right now."


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Did you just litterally copy a PM reply i sent you Verbaitim onto a forum post? Thats a bit off.

Anyway the ride being at MAPS is a whole other kettle of fish. MAPS has its own issues seperate to Hopi Hari

However the Malay Mail reports that Democratic Action Party (DAP) MP Nga Kor Ming is now urging the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MAC) to investigate Perak Corp. Perak subsidiary ATP is the developer, operator and owner of MAPS. Nga states that an external auditor’s report shows the group incurred a net loss of RM340.6 million in 2017, with the group’s liabilities exceeding its current assets by RM158.5 million.

“The lost suffered by Perak Corp is among the biggest in the group’s history,” says Nga. “And what’s more worrying is their debt, which is bigger than their assets. At any time, the group could be bankrupt or face issues of insolvency.”

Nga said that the previous Barisan Nasional (National Front political coalition) government had been warned not to proceed with the MAPS project. “The responsibility of a state government is to take care of the people’s welfare and develop the state and not to open a theme park,” he said. “If they wanted to open a theme park, they should have invited Genting Berhad or Disney Land. This is how it should be done.”

This is all way off topic though. Kanonen is still in storage somewhere and there's been no news.