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Halloween attraction survey

Hey all!

A new immersive horror attraction company Scarehand Productions has opened in the UK and they're undertaking some market research for people who go to live Halloween events and/or perform in them. We're London/Manchester based and have been performing at some of the top Halloween attractions in the UK for the past ten years. We're launching our first series of performer workshops this summer and our first Halloween show this October as we wanted to bring our horrific visions of entertainment to you all!

We've got a couple of surveys up for a few more weeks and we're trying to grab as much input from scare fans and performers across the UK as possible.

If you have five minutes to do so please please please give it a go! Thanks!

Halloween Attraction survey:

Workshop survey:


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Filled in. Willing to give some further feedback based on attractions we've done and why we liked them personally:

Horror at Hinchingbrooke: Was a decent length with a solid variation of themes.
Halloween Horror Nights: Variation and set design (queues were a negative though).
Tulley's Shocktoberfest: As above, both positive and negative.
Merlin attractions: Late night riding, mazes that tie in with local folklore. Maze queues well handled.
Various escape rooms: Being just us, not in a crowd. Makes it much scarier and we get the full experience.
Port Aventura Halloween: Late night rides again, epic scale of some of the mazes.
Done as well. As above, a few standout haunts for me, although North American, are as follows:

Night Terrors at Wiards Orchard- Scream park, good variety, great price, and really relentless thrills/diverse themes in the haunts (mines, zombie paintball, hayride, asylum, etc) as well as free cider/donuts, and some other entertainment on the property.

Erebus- Famous for being huge, and although it's not scary, the production value and themeing is pretty amazing despite not being very cohesive, and it's worth the price tag to get in.

The Haunted Farm- Okay, NOT an original name, but this particular one had really relentless thrills and also a random theme of different rock bands playing on old, creepy TVs. It was different and kind of off the beaten path, and in a real old barn which I liked.

Darksyde Acres- Kind of in the same wheelhouse as Night Terrors. A 5 in 1 haunt, but my only complaint was that the attractions went one after the other rather than allowing a break in between or having them in different buildings to kind of break up the themes.

Although not the best haunt I've been to, a long gone haunt called the Field Where Robert Moss played wins TENFOLD for the theme and ambiance. It was a hayride with a few haunted houses and a corn maze, and the theme was a disfigured little boy whose family had a circus on the property and I believe they purposely burned it down while he was inside in hopes of getting rid of him, and now he haunts the property. They really did a good job with that.