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Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021


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This looks fantastic, but I'm pretty sure the mine train is 2021 now. Or at least late 2020, which means I'll miss the opening by a month with my luck -_-


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I think any time is a good time to get one of those. They just need an intentional airport hub right next door so can always be visited on the way somewhere.
New zone - Aqualantis in 2020

- double launch coaster ( it will be called "Abyssus" )
-disco coaster
-slow boat ride
-whirpool water fight
-big restaurant
-aquajump (water jump shows)

Mine train is a secret for now ;) (But it will be in 2020 too)

The new zone will be the beginning of a new quality in thematization. Energylandia begins cooperation with Jora Vision, they will also design new attractions.

The park has 200 hectares of land, Marek Goczał - the park owner admitted at the conference that they would speed up the plans because they received another large grant and changed the bank.
So the development stages that were once introduced will change, the water park, hotel and carp museum will be built as one stage and not as planned separated.

In season 2020 park will be opened in winter, there will be Santa Claus Village, Christmas market and other attractions.

Quick question cause I'm dumb, what's a whirlpool water fight? Is that like a Splash Battle with its confirmed name being Whirpool Water Fight?

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A little less excited about this one (I thought Formula was very uneventful), but I'll happily give it a whirl when I find my way out there again. Zadra alone would get me back to Energylandia.


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Just to throw a spanner in the works, I’m really not excited about this project. I think it’s great that energylandia are trying to expand and build new coasters, however to be honest I’d rather now they’ve built up their park to a significant size, that they worked on improving the rest of the park’s existing areas than building new ones.

The dragon zone is really well done, but apart from that in my opinion the rest of the park looks pretty plastic and tacky, especially when it comes to some of the smaller coasters and dark ride. The RMF dark ride seriously needs overhaul/replacing along with the theming on a lot of the smaller coasters. I found the feel of the park very “cheap” except for the dragon zone which felt really high quality(and also Hyperion felt quality to an extent).

Therefore I’d rather that they simply focussed on improving existing areas of the park rather than focussing on building more and more new coasters. Of course, new coasters are always welcome, but please just work on improving the quality of the rest of the park too.

And they also seriously need to start work on that hotel as the Western Camp resort really isn’t that convenient for the park.


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OK i must to clarify some things.
The existing part of the park beside of the dragon zone is that plastic and not really good themed and communicated because it was built whet the owner of the park didn't know that this will grow that much. The plan was it this will be small 26 hectares park and nothing more, with no hotels and big world class Coasters.

What happened was that I think Mr. Goczał just started to really love coasters and building the park ( like we all love to do it in the RCT or Planet coaster ;) ... He is just building it on its own backyard )

Dragon zone is a start of the new thematization in the park, Aqualantis will be just second zone, there are much more to build ( more than 100 hectares ) and that's the main thing to do by the park.

The old part of the park will be modernized but just not now and not all in once, park is improving theming in the existing area in breaks between seasons. They must to do this because in the future there will be different entrace zone in the new part of the park but it will be build in the future... So they don't need to rebuild existing part of the park now, that's just not important, more important is building new theme zones on the other site of the street.


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And they also seriously need to start work on that hotel as the Western Camp resort really isn’t that convenient for the park.
Err, what? I can agree with some of your points but this is nonsense. Western Camp is 15 minutes walk / 5 mins drive from the park and they operate a free bus to the entrance. How is that not convenient? Do you want a hotel where you can step out of your room straight into Zadra's station? ?


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Thank you pawel for your clarification ! Yeah the theming is improving in the park, I noticed it in the queue for the Boomerang, last year it was really cheaply made but this time (I was on the park this Saturday) the queue was made in nice themed concrete :)

I also hope that the park will stop to do queues that are almost a kilometers long or if they continue to make them, they need at least to open some shortcuts when the crowds aren't heavy.... I hope with Joravision being in charge of the new areas the queue line design will be more efficient and more "classic"