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Cruise Lines to add Bolt & Space Cruiser roller coasters (update page 3)


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I agree, and I think there’s also the wild dimension that the ship the coaster is fixed to will be moving too, either enhancing the sense of speed, or potentially throw in some weird forces if the ship sways (though it’s probably too big for this?).


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Rather than start a new thread I'll just add this here.
German TÜV has approved the "Space Cruiser" Maurer Spike coaster for the new Global Class ship currently under construction in the port of Wismar, Germany. The Global Class is a class of cruise ships constructed by the German shipbuilder MV Werften for Dream Cruises. Delivery of the first vessel in the class is scheduled for later this year.
The coaster was constructed last spring on a plot of land in Güstrow, Germany, so that the testing could take place before installing it on the cruise liner.


And this is the current state of construction of the ship, so it will likely be a while before the coaster is installed.



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Front facing POV and more for the Bolt coaster, while I don’t think I would be to excited if one came to a park near me I think they are a perfect fit for cruse ships and realistically probably the best type of coaster you could get on one.

I like that each time you ride it you could have a completely different view, looking over a mediterranean cove or nordic fjord would be stunning, I guess most of the time though your view would be the vast empty ocean but that would still be pretty great.

Oddly though I do not notice to much difference between the full throttle +boost v doing nothing, I would have liked if it went slower so you can take in the views, but as it’s 15$ for two laps I guess they want you to get through as quick as possible.
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It's pretty noisy and there are sun beds directly underneath the track - won't it kind of spoil your relaxation a bit!? Especially with the inevitable breakdowns.

I suppose it will only run at certain times of day (if ever!).


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It's pretty noisy and there are sun beds directly underneath the track - won't it kind of spoil your relaxation a bit!?
Not to mention the hot oil landing in your face! Given the onboard motor and the cog/teeth all along the track, I imagine there’s more of a risk of oil/lube dripping down than normal?

In any case cruise ships can be frightening enough:
120mph waves suggested in that video!!! I’m hoping the 0 on the end is a typo as that is a full order of magnitude out of what’s possible. Imagine a wave hitting a ship at 120mph! There wouldn’t be anything left.