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Hi all, thought I'd let you know what our intentions are for CF Lives this coming season.

Covid is still playing a role in the organisational side of Lives. The CF Team is mainly made up of Brits, so organising events outside the UK carries risk. Travel restrictions play the primary role which adds to the faff and uncertainty. Secondly, if the organiser cannot attend due to Covid, that potentiality messes up any arrangements (ticket sales, perks, etc) made by CF. If CF had to cancel an overseas (outside of the UK that means) CF Live due to Covid, there's a chance we'd letting people down and that's something I'd regret and feel upset about, especially if people have invested time, money and effort travelling a considerable distance. Having once already felt the disappointment and experienced faff for cancelling Finland in 2020, I don't want to possibly go through that again. At the time of writing, we are not planning to do organise any overseas CF Lives in 2022. This may change if confidence grows, but it's only fair we give you as much notice of this decision as possible so you can plan your own trips. I will say with moderate confidence that the fully organised Finland Live will return in 2023 - I think 2022 will be when the world will learn to live with Covid with most strict restrictions being scrapped. Fingers crossed, anyway.

The outlook in the UK is different. Where most of the CF Team, and indeed CF members, live in the UK, it's a lot easier to organise. If the orgnaiser can't make it, chances are somebody else can step in. And if restrictions mean parks either close or forbid groups (which I think is extremely unlikely in England), chances are people will not be to much out of pocket. Therefore I'll release UK Live dates at end of this month. The parks will be Blackpool, Paultons, Alton, and Thorpe & Chessington. I'm happy to take some date recommendations, but initially thinking Alton in March, Paultons in May, Blackpool in September, Thorpe & Chessie over Halloween. If Flamingoland's 10 LOLper opens, then that could be squeezed in, too.

With the USA, Hyde is looking at some potential dates and parks. If I get over to Flordia this November for IAAPA, you can be sure of a Live in Orlando.


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I confess myself a tiny bit disappointed - but must stress that this is a very reasonable, sensible decision. The virus remains cunning, baffling, powerful and none of us want to be wasting any more money or having any more disappointments than possible.

I think a few of us intended to do opening weekend at Alton anyway, so that's my two cents as far as dates go.
September in Blackpool is a great idea, that's illuminations time, late opening and best chance of Valhalla 2.0 being over any teething problems. s'always been my favourite UK park for CF-Lives anyway :)

Don't know if I can face Thorpe twice in two years, but never say never - it's my best chance of seeing some old friends who can't be arsed travelling any further these days :)

...and if I can get my lazy arse back into work, I've not completely written off the idea of going Stateside this year yet.
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It's a shame, but it's the best course of action with all the uncertainty, especially when travelling in a large group. I will most likely go to the Blackpool meet up as it's the easiest park to get to, but if I can I'll see if I can make it to Towers.

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Thanks for the the update. As fab as the overseas lives have been, I think it’s a totally understandable position to take for this year with the ongoing uncertainty.

The U.K. lives seem good, particularly Alton in March.


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Very understandable decision, large group organisation is a pain at the best of times but with covid cancellations looming overhead it can't be fun.

UK wise I'd be very up for Paultons, looking forward to seeing the new area and it's always more fun as a group.


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This news is heartbreaking, because it means that with no Finland Live until 2023, it won't be till then that Taiga manages to get back into CF's Favourite Coasters :(

But seriously, makes sense and completely understandable. Hopefully I can manage to actually make at least one of the events this year!


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Completely understand the reasoning for no overseas lives although a little gutted about Finland as 2023 will be a no-go for me.

Glad we can do some UK lives though and as long as the dates work out I hope to be at all of them 😀


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I think UK based Lives for one season ain't a bad idea really. Here's hoping for some decent weather. Also, a good chance for some of the newer CF'ers to get onboard. I'd like to think I can make a couple of these.

That said, there's nothing stopping a couple of unofficial Lives happening abroad ;)


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Can't say I'm surprised but it is still a shame, particularly as I was keen to do Finland this year.

The UK lives sound good though.


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I can't say I'm not disappointed by the lack of European Lives this year, but I understand the logic and the potential issues in trying to organise official CF events right now. It sounds like the right call, at least until we have a clearer idea of how 2022 is going to pan out. In the meantime, no doubt some of us will sneak our own trips in here and there, restrictions permitting, so we should hopefully be able to tick a few attractions off the bucket list regardless.

I'm glad to see a solid UK line-up being planned for this year. I'm sure there's plenty of pent up demand for getting the group back together on a semi-regular basis, and it should be a good opportunity for both old faces and newcomers to put in an appearance this year. That gets a big thumbs up from me. The more, the merrier!

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The above is completely understandable.

Until a revised new normal is implemented where everyone is safe but the prospects of lockdowns, isolations, restrictions etc. become less likely it is a difficult one.

I am still interested in the Finland 23 live, should it come to fruition.