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A park with the best and worst coaster in one!


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Hey all, I was at Walibi Holland this week, a park I consider to be one of my locals. And it got me thinking which parks have you been to that possible own the worst roller coaster ever, but also one of the best all in the same park. I had a hard think and I couldn't think of any others that I had been to that I could compare to Walibi Holland. Condor is so bad I don't even ride it when I visit out of all the SLC's it has to be the worst. And Untamed is just ridiculously good!

Walibi Holland:
One of the best in my Opinion - Untamed - RMC
One of the Worst - Condor - The Worst SLC out there.


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Not necessarily worst ever, but Everland have T Express, which is one of the best coasters ever built. Then they have Rolling X Train, which is f**king s**te.

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Out of what I’ve done, I’d go with Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which has both Icon (my UK #1 and overall #2) as well as Infusion (my all-time least favourite coaster out of 72 ridden) and Grand National (my second least favourite coaster ridden).

But worldwide, I think PortAventura is a good shout, as Shambhala is raved about, while Baco is hated upon.


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I was thinking either Carowinds with Fury 325 and Nighthawk or Canada’s Wonderland with Leviathan and Time Warp were the most extreme I could think of, but now @Matt N has mentioned it, totally agree with Port Aventura!

When the new Intamin Mega opens at Walibi Belgium that'll be quite a contrast with Vampire!


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I'd go with Fury and Vortex but that's more of a preference thing, Carowinds is absolutely a park to put in this list.

To get on the SLC distain train, T3 and Lightning Run (or Storm Chaser for those inclined).


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Off the top of my head, the biggest gap in quality I've met is Canada's Wonderland

On one hand, you have Behemoth and Leviathan
But then you've also got Flight Deck and Time Warp to contend with


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But worldwide, I think PortAventura is a good shout, as Shambhala is raved about, while Baco is hated upon.
Nah, Baco isn't that bad - it's shaky for sure but still re-rideable in my view.

Six flags new england has superman/bizarro and wicked cyclone (yum) and the botched GIB (yuk)
This was the one that sprung to my mind - Wicked Cyclone is in my Top 5 while Goliath is undoubtedly one of the worst coasters/torture devices I've ever ridden!


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Energylandia, Hyperion and than viking Rollercoaster few 100feet away

Hyperion is really rough in the wing seats. You might get incredible rides or just meh rides depending on the seat. But Zadra is a masterpiece. And that Viking thing is so horrendously bad it's insane. Energylandia and Canada's Wonderland might be the only parks in the world where their SLC isnt their worst coaster.


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now its been mentioned. Canadas Wonderland is defo winning this. A Zamperla Volare and an Vekoma SLC vs Leviathan and Behemoth!

The viking roller coaster at Energylandia is so BAD! But i gotta say even tho i don't like SLC's their SLC wasn't too bad, defo one of the smoother ones out there.
But Viking coaster and Hyperion/Zadra is a good contrast


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I'd go with Walibi Holland. Untamed is a fantastic coaster while Condor is the worst thing I've ever ridden.


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Europa-Park has Silver Star and Blue Fire, both in my top 10, and then there's Euro-Mir, which is the only coaster I think is genuine poo.


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Kentucky Kingdom for Storm Chaser and T3

SFNE for Wicked Cyclone and Goliath

Hersheypark for Skyrush and Wildcat

Kings Island for Mystic Timbers and like half of the other coasters


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Ten years ago I would have said Cedar Point with Maverick and Mean Streak, the best and worst coasters with names beginning with "M" anyway.

Now that Mean Streak has been transformed into one of the greatest coasters, overshadowing Maverick, CP doesn't really seem to fit the mold anymore.

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Linnanmäki should be thrown into the mix - one of the best with Taiga, and one of the worst off the shelf models out there in Ukko.

You could even throw in a bonus second set, with their woodie surely being one of the better brakeman coasters left, and the existence of Kirnu.