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2012 CF WC R1 - (6) nealbie VS (11) Intricks

Who Should Advance?

  • #6 nealbie

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • #11 Intricks

    Votes: 3 33.3%

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Giga Poster
First off, bravo to both of you for getting in your entries on time. I understand the time constraints may be tough so I commend you for putting together finished products for us.

I will start with Intricks since you submitted first. There are several aspects of this coaster that I really enjoyed. First off, I liked the tunnel, station fly-under, and abundance of crossing track (which I think worked really well for you). In general, I would say the track interaction was the strongest bit of your entry. But there were two major things that stand out as flaws in your coaster. 1) Many turns and hills are just too forceful and rough. Although it's good to get some good verts and lats with woodies (as that is what they offer best) I still felt your coaster would be too erratic in real life. 2) Strictly speaking, your coaster wasn't much of a "terrain coaster". Don't get me wrong, there are sections that are better than others but I even parts I liked (such as the tunnel) were way up high in the air and this violation of the single stipulation was a killer. Great presentation techniques though...that can go a long way all by itself. All in all, a decent coaster, but work on smoothing out the layout in the future.

Now for Rock Mountain from nealbie. You seem to be a bit of a purist in that the only CS you used was the rocks. Unfortunately, you managed to use my least favorite rock CS (scratch that, least favorite CS) ever. Please use something different in the future. Sorry, I just had to address that. I really really like your layout...and lucky for you Intricks didn't stick to the terrain very well either. I'd like to see more integration with the land and see less giant support structures (think Boulder Dash). But here's the things I like. I like the interaction with the water, I like pacing and use of diagonal track, I like the tunnel, I like the airtime hills at the end. I mean, you did a fantastic job with the negative G's which is always important. I can almost feel the floater/ejector through my screen. The station could use some work (at least patch up that ceiling) and the terrain could use some smoothing. Nit-picking, I think the train seems a car or two too long but I like the use of the regular 2x2 cars. Also, please work on your presentation (i.e.: record with flying camera editor or use still shots, get rid of UI around the screen when filming, use some clip transitions). In fact, I think I will put up a tutorial in the RCT3 Projects forum in hopes that I won't see this kind of thing in the future from you or anyone else.

So in the end of it all, my vote goes to nealbie with Rock Mountain! Great coaster, but keep the rules in mind in the future.


Strata Poster
You have to go by what you define as a true Terrain Coaster. While I never considered SoB or Voyage to be remotely close to a terrain coaster (just what, a PORTION of the ride really follows the terrain?), I do consider Raven, and to an extent Legend, to be a true Terrain Coaster. Yes, I have some things far above the ground, but I've molded my ride around the mountain side. The tunnel isn't as far up as what you believe reddude :3 The highest points are a spot on the lift, and the few hills beyond the MCBR.


Giga Poster
^Fair enough. And since both you and nealbie had similar amounts of terrain coaster bits I didn't consider that as heavily when picking between the two of you. I think you both did fine jobs overall. I just always see my critiques (or sometimes seemingly overwhelming negative responses) to be more helpful in the long run than just stating what I liked. Your coaster is more of a terrain coaster than anything thrown on a concrete slab and I recognize that. I was simply making observations. If you want a really full review of what I see as all the pros and cons of your coaster, feel free to PM me :)


Giga Poster
First of all, I would like both of you to know no matter who I end up voting for, you both did a tremendous job. Let's start of with Intricks.

I haven't seen much of you apart from Quarry Surfer, and your improvement is great in my opinion. Parts of the coaster I really did enjoy, for example, the fly-through, the tunnel and the crossing track, the third of which I think was what your coaster had going for it that most. However, there were some things that needed to be addressed. First and foremost, I made the same mistake: a terrain stipulation exists for a reason, for people to submit terrain coasters. While I did like your use of the JackyX set for the anti-rollbacks, I think that your turns and hills were too forceful for it to actually be realistic. Also, as I said, you need to stick to the terrain stipulation more closely in order to be successful. All in all, I felt this entry was better than Quarry Surfer but has much room for improvement.

Nealbie, the RCT3, as reddude put it, purist. Your camera skills could use some work, but I think one of the strong points of your coaster was the presentation. Terrain coasters, however, should really hug the ground, and I think that some of your support structures were simply too large. Moving on from the negatives, (not entirely :)) The negative G's on the airtime hill.... I could almost SEE the airtime. It was pretty spectacular what you were able to do. Unlike reddude, I enjoyed your use of the rock CS, and although the train seems a tad long, what the coaster does, it does well. :)

Congratulations to both of you on a solid entry, but in the end my vote goes to nealbie. However there might be a slight issue because I accidentally clicked Intricks' name on the poll. :lol: If a mod could see this and fix it... if not could Colossus please contact the mod for this contest. :) Again, well done to both of you, and I look forward to seeing what you both have in store for the RCT3 community in the future!