wing coaster

  1. Matt N

    The Swarm or Mandrill Mayhem; which UK B&M Wing Coaster do you prefer?

    Hi guys. After the recent opening of the World of Jumanji at Chessington, the UK now has two B&M Wing Coasters; The Swarm at Thorpe Park and Mandrill Mayhem at Chessington World of Adventures. These two rides are quite different, and are aimed at different markets; Swarm is an extreme thrill...
  2. mattorres

    B&M needs some competition on Wing Coaster market

    Hi guys, I was just thinking how B&M dominates the coaster market in different styles. When you think about models like hyper, giga, inverted, wing and flying coaster you probably think first about B&M. The interesting point is that B&M has competition to all her coaster models except for the...
  3. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Markers at Kings Island (2021/22?)

    So, it turns out there's some markers over this month at Kings Island and all the details can be found here: But, the amazing Coaster Nation has made a Wing Coaster using those marker placements and if this would be the result of the...
  4. GuyWithAStick

    Industrial Revolution- Custom B&M Wing

    Not sure why I haven't posted this yet, but I've been working on this for the past 2 years. This is a custom B&M Wing Coaster named 'Industrial Revolution'. The theme is an industrial/construction/pipeline thing(not too sure how to accurately describe it). Anyway, here are some images of the...