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  1. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2023 Edition!

    As we close the books on the year 2023, so too has @Pokemaniac been beckoned back to the Top 10 thread to peruse and aggregate reported rankings across all members who have shared their tiering throughout the year. All-in, 62 CFers participated - one of our largest turnouts ever! And so without...
  2. Rob Coasters

    Your top 10, but wacky

    (Is this the right subforum?) Rank your top 10 coasters not from best to least best, but rather by some unorthodox & unique topics. Examples, you could either use these or make up your own: -Your top 10, but ranked by their colour schemes -Your top 10, but ranked by the quality of the park...
  3. Rob Coasters

    How would you improve each coaster in your top 10?

    What's a minor adjustment you would make, to make each coaster in your top 10 even better? I'll start: Megafobia: Get rid of the slams that are only present in the back two cars Olympia Looping: Remove the shoulder bricks to make it only have a lap bar Icon: Make the off axis hill a straight...
  4. Matt N

    How much does your top 10 conform with "the norm"?

    Hi guys. Many enthusiasts like to keep a top 10 coaster list, and many people's top 10s get subjected to a fair amount of scrutiny from other enthusiasts in many regards. The extent to which this happens varies; I've seen some enthusiasts with very controversial top 10s that get a lot of flack...
  5. Matt N

    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    Hi guys. With COVID-19 and its various new variants, and travel restrictions currently in place, it’s looking as though 2021 could be similar to 2020 in seeing quite a bit more coaster riding in our home countries than we’ve perhaps been used to for quite a few years. So I thought it might be...
  6. Matt N

    Do you agree with ranking defunct roller coasters in a top coasters list?

    Hi guys. I was just reading through @Edward M's thread about wood and steel top 10s, and this inspired me to make a thread about another top 10-related conundrum; do you rank defunct roller coasters? Now, many of us won't have this conundrum, but say a coaster you really loved; let's take...