1. endermanloveH20

    Best Vekoma SLC (A Stretch)

    Do you have a favorite SLC? (BIG STRETCH I KNOW) My favorite is The Great Nor'easter at Morey's Piers
  2. Js-20

    14 Laps on an SLC and 7 on a Zacspin. Also, two coasters in a Forest/Garden.

    Terra Mitica: I stayed 8 hours at Terra Mitica in a very sunny day and got plenty of time to ride it's two main roller coasters. Everything at the park was open for that day. Titanide (14x): No, I haven't typed anything wrong but, call me crazy but I liked this 2003 Vekoma SLC, don't get me...
  3. TPoseOnTantrum

    T3 Is Done For at Kentucky Kingdom

    This has been a hot rumor for awhile, but as per an email to passholders today, T3 is a dead coaster. Excited to see what they do here in the future, Herschend has a masterplan of sorts going on right now;
  4. GuyWithAStick

    Condor @ Walibi Holland gets new Front Rows

    Bit of an interesting move from a park- Walibi Holland has replaced the front rows on both of Condor's trains with two different types of cars. One has KumbaK seats, the other has Vekoma Vests. The rest of the rows are still going to have the horse collars. Here's a roughly translated Looopings...