six flags great adventure

  1. TPoseOnTantrum

    Six Flags Great Adventure | Flash: Vertical Velocity | Vekoma Super Boomerang | 2024

    There's been a lot of word swirling around this park as of the last few months so it's about high time we create a thread. Six Flags Great Adventure will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next season. They also have... very big plans in terms of capital expenditure. Here is more or less a...
  2. C

    Best six flags park

    There are 15 currently operating Six Flags park in North America but which one is the best?
  3. Nitro12345

    Tall riders on launch coasters

    Hi everyone. New here, but have been enjoying posts for quite some time. I have a question regarding the headrests on Kingda Ka and other launch coasters, like TTD, Maverick, etc. On Stormrunner my head had to be held back, face facing the sky with the top of the headrest poking my head...
  4. Kw6sTheater

    Six Flags Great Adventure — 2020 Coaster?

    Hey everyone, from the splash pad that was removed last season to El Diablo’s sudden closure, I think it’s safe to say that Six Flags Great Adventure has something up their sleeves for 2020. I’ll make my guess at either an RMC Raptor clone, or that middleground (2 abreast, with supports designed...
  5. Matt N

    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor | 2021

    Hi guys. Sorry if this already has a thread, but when I was reading through today's Screamscape news update, I found this interesting rumour: This sounds very exciting to me! I personally reckon that it could potentially be the first TRex Track from RMC; what do you guys think? P.S. Here's the...
  6. Matt N

    Construction starting for 2019 attraction at SFGAdv?

    Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread for this, but according to Thursday's Screamscape news update, construction walls have gone up around an old "waterworks" (?) attraction in the Golden Kingdom area of Six Flags Great Adventure. Lance seems to think that this could potentially be early...
  7. Geeky Pastimes

    Six Flags Great Adventure Trip May 2018

    This is my first trip report here so apologies for the format and lack of pictures. It was so rainy most of the day I didn't really want to be standing about with my phone out! So last weekend me and my wife finally made the trip over to Six Flags Great Adventure. We'd been to Magic Mountain...