1. Matt N

    Chessington World of Adventures 17th September 2023

    17th September 2023: Chessington World of Adventures Hi guys. Today was the second of my two London theme park visits this week, and a rather interesting one for me; it was my first visit to Chessington World of Adventures in almost a whole decade! To put things into some perspective, I was a...
  2. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 15th September 2023

    15th September 2023: Thorpe Park Hi guys. Today was an exciting day; it was the day of my dad’s trip to Wentworth, and thus my now annual solo trip to Thorpe Park! I know I’ve been to Thorpe Park many times, but I always look forward to my solo trip there, so I was excited for today! My dad and...
  3. Matt N

    Brean Theme Park 9th September 2023

    9th September 2023: Brean Theme Park Hi guys. Today was an exciting day; I went for my first ever visit to Brean Theme Park, near Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset! Now I know that that might not sound too exciting to many of you, but I was glad to finally tick it off seeing as it’s actually my closest...
  4. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 10th September 2022

    Hi guys. Today was, interestingly, my first visit to Thorpe Park of the season; by my usual standards, September is quite late in the season for me to be visiting Thorpe for the first time! Today was also the return of my solo theme park tripping; as with last September, my parents’ love of...