1. Coaster Hipster

    First coaster trip in England! Blackpool, Alton, Thorpe, Chessington 18'

    For whatever reasons, I never visited English amusement parks until this year, even though coasters across the Channel - especially Alton's - had my interest ever since I became an enthusiast back in 2005. But with the additions of both Icon and Wicker Man and the opportunity to join fellow...
  2. Ian

    If Nemesis never existed what would be the UK's #1 coaster?

    Before you start saying "it's not my number one UK coaster", good for you, I'm thrilled for you. That's not what this topic is about. Generally speaking, Nemesis is regarded as the top cred in the UK. It features heavily in many goons Top Tens, it wins polls and it was, urgh, here comes that...
  3. TLARides

    Interesting track & scenery usage and combos.

    I read somewhere that the track on Nemesis is supposed to act as "tie-down rope" for the Nemesis beast. Which is what the station and many other parts of scenery are supposed to represent. I haven't seen that kind of combination before and it makes me think if there are other parks that do the...
  4. blazerlazer

    Nemesis vs. Nemesis Inferno

    Which ride do you like more? Nemesis (Alton Towers) or Nemesis (Thorpe Park)?