1. Matt N

    CoasterForce's Favourite Japanese Rollercoasters

    Hi guys. As you may have seen over in the Dutch coaster poll topic, I've decided to go to a more faraway land for this month's poll due to many of you suggesting the option. I was undecided between Japan and Australia, but this month, I decided to tackle my first Asian country, and do...
  2. Matt N

    $1.2bn “Hollywood studio theme park” to be built in Yokohama, Japan?

    According to Blooloop, as well as various Japanese media sources, a $1.2bn theme park is being built in Yokohama in Japan, a region not too far from Tokyo. The park is apparently being built on 242 hectares of land that were agreed for theme park use in April 2020, and it is said to be similar...
  3. Serena

    Japan 2019

    Went to Japan last week, as my band were touring there. Managed to squeeze in a couple of theme park visits with @daviddoc - who happened to be on the other side of the world at the exact same time as me! This is one of the things I love about CF, you're never far from a fellow theme park nerd...